Score Player Bug

• Mar 22, 2012 - 09:18
S4 - Minor

When I play the score, it starts usual, the player was playing fine, but suddenly, it's like there's an error and it's playing slower with a pitchy sound and unclear.


We cannot ascertain the cause of this from the information given.

Really you are better to raise this issue in the Support and Bug Reports forum where people are more likely to see it.

In order to pursue this we need:-

1. Your Operating System
2. The version of MuseScore you are running
3. Clear, precise information about what you were doing immediately before the problem happened.
4. Attachment of the score(s) concerned
5. Any relevant screenshots about the problem

I am using windows 7 with the newest musescore.
I didnt do anthing before. i tried to play the given score (reunion) which was given when i open musescore.
even if i screen capture it, u cant really see the problem in the screen. coz the problem is only the output of the sound which is unclear and suddenly slower after 2 bars of the score.

Reunion certainly does play withWindeos 7, I jist duble checked. It does make extensive use of tompo chnages, is that what you're concerned about: If so: it is a feature:
The sound may imprive by using a better soundfont

i know the tempo changes but it's really is like lagging when it's playing it.. it's not right.. im pretty sure.. not just reunion but other scores

Could just be that there are toomany other programs running your computer or that it just doesn't have fast enough hardware or enough memory to support real time playback. What happens if you play back the score via, here: Also, what happens if you do a "save as" and select an audio format like FLAC or WAV then play that back?

the only thing that's running is only google chrome~ and i tried without it and it's still the same TT
if i save it as wav, it's fine, but i cant save everytime i edit my composition can i?

I have a very similar problem:
Playback of any given score (e.g. reunion) is distorted after some seconds.
This problem occurs only with 1 of my 2 WIN 7 notebooks (no other application programs are running in the background):
Problem occurs with:
OS: WIN 7 Home Premium (64bit)
Notebook: almost brandnew (Intel Core i3-2350m, 2,3GHz);
Audio card: Realtek High definition Audio (latest driver:
Problem does not occur with:
OS: WIN 7 Prof. (64bit)
Notebook: Intel Core i5 M430, 2,27GHz)
Audio card: Realtek High definition Audio (driver version
Playback with Noteworthy is ok on both notebooks, also playback of midi file with the same score.
IMHO, it must be a problem of MuseScore 1.2
PS: Settings in IO are not changed (default)
PPS: The same problem occurs with MuseScore V1.1 and V1.0

"it must be a problem of MuseScore 1.2"

"PPS: The same problem occurs with MuseScore V1.1 and V1.0"

So therefore not a 1.2 problem

Maybe there is an incompatibility between FluidSynth and the realtek driver.

I know eveeryone recommends you to upgrade to the latest drivers.

But IME that can lead to worse problems.

I have had to rollback graphics and audio drivers no end of times because the upgrade was incompatible with some of the software I was running.

Please will you try installing the older driver on the machine which does not playback correctly in MuseScore, then report back.

With the previous driver (factory default driver Realtek V6.0.1.6449) on the notebook with the problem the bug was there as well (that means that all users with a new notebook will run possibly into this problem!).
I don't know if it's possible to downgrade to the driver version of the other notebook where the problem does not occur.
As a matter of fact all other programs with audio output have no problem with the drivers. So it must be a problem with MuseScore (V1.x). That does not mean that MuseScore has a real bug but it means that the problem only occurs with MuseScore. I would prefer to have at least a work around for MuseScore. As I said all other music and score programs run without problems on both of my notebooks with all driver versions.

Can you run Fluidsynth directly and get proper sound?

FluidSynth is the playback engine used by MuseScore albeit, I gather, customised.

It would be worth trying to downgrade to the other driver.

You can always rollback to the previous one if it doesn't work.

The other thing to try would be to download the driver direct from Realtek rather than using the customised version from your laptop manufacturer.…

Unfortunately I cannot use every audio driver version since I need a customized driver for my notebook (subwoofer system: 2 loadspeakers and 1 subwoofer; perhaps this is the problem for MuseScore; MuseScore has no problem with my other notebook which has no subwoofer).
Anyway, I've tried VLC (latest version V2.0.1) with sound font GeneralUser GS which uses also FluidSynth for playing midi files.
Result: VLC plays my test midi file without error/distortion. MuseScore plays the same midi file with a distortion after some seconds. So it seems that it is MuseScore which has a problem. As I said, every other software which uses audio has no problem playing sounds or midi files on my notebook.

Must be something to do with the FluidSynth customisation

That is my guess anyway.

Is there any chance of you trying it with a Nightly build to see if the problem is still present?

Thanks for your input

With Nightly Build r5494 the bug is solved! No more distortion with playback! So hopefully the next official version will be released soon... :-)

Good to hear!

Unless anyone has any more comments to make I shall mark this closed tomorrow as the next version of MuseScore to be released will be 2.0.

As far as I know there are no plans for further bug fix releases of 1.x