Natural Harmonics

• Apr 26, 2012 - 23:50
S5 - Suggestion

Attached image taken from the explanation section of a song book (Credit: International Music Publications).

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Forgive me if I'm getting this wrong but do you want to display these symbols or have MuseScore actually play this back as harmonics? If the former, then (at least in 1.1) there is already a symbol (in Articulations and Ornaments) called an "ouvert" and although it isn't meant to indicate what you are using it for it still looks very similar. Select your notes, double-click on the ouvert symbol and the all get placed correctly.

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They are in 'cello terminology, and also double bass, I believe.

In guitar however they are referred to as natural harmonics, and have varying means of notation. Some composers use diamond headed notes to indicate this and some use the indication Chen has found.

The sign named flageolet in the MuseScore typeface is, however a little on the large size, so I would indeed use the ouvert sign mentioned by underquark


The ouvert sign looks oval (not round), so for accuracy, it's probably not something I'd want to use.

I'm also thinking about MusicXML.