Glissando between chords

• Jan 13, 2017 - 13:56

   1) Make a triad and another triad following it.
   2) Select the first chord and the second chord, then apply a glissando.
Expected: Three separate glissando lines, each linking to the appropriate tone of the next triad.
Result: Each glissando line links to the top-most tone of the second chord.

Also, if you were to select one note head, e.g. the top note of the first chord, and then select one note head from the next chord, e.g. the bottom note of the second chord, then apply glissando, the expected result would be to have the glissando between the two selected notes. This isn't the case -- the same result occurs: the glissando links to the top tone.

Any work around besides manual dragging?
Any retorts before filing on the Issue tracker?

N.B.: Chordially ;)


The other workaround is to use voices and point the stems all in the same direction. I would prefer a click on any 2 note heads to connect them with the appropriate symbol such as a glissando or slur. Currently all slurs from one chord to another appear in the same spot no matter which heads you have selected, they don't work even as well as glissando.

I don't know if this is an issue or a feature request, but someone will no doubt answer that question soon.

The workaround to which Cadiz1 referred is working: build the second chord gradually while applying glissandos. Also, the multiple voicing works, but the aforementioned method is a bit quicker. Finally, you can drag the connections or use Shift+Up/Down and they will indeed change attachments and not be only a cosmetic fix. Now, even though these work, the underlying problem of initial placement still needs to be addressed imho, but thank you for the workaround posts in the mean time. Building the next chord gradually makes sense for now...
A new issue should be re-opened for further development!
Issue: #163581: Glissando placement should honor the selection of notes/chords

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