Update FLuidR3Mono to the latest version before releasing 2.1

• Jan 23, 2017 - 10:16
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So it doesn't get forgotten:
Update FLuidR3Mono to the latest version before releasing 2.1


Nicolas has enough to do :)

It takes me 10 minutes to do it and upload to Google Drive/GitHub LFS.

Which reminds me - I'm not sure the Github repository is up to date.

But @lasconic needs to pull it. And no, your repo (https://musescore.org/en/node/41521#comment-619711, https://github.com/ChurchOrganist/FluidR3Mono_GM) is not up-to-date (as per https://musescore.org/en/node/41521#comment-630161 your're on 213 already?), and it would better contain the SF3 version and also not encode the version in the filename, wouldn't it?
And change the files' extension to lowercase, .sf2 and .sf3, so it matches what's in the MuseScore repository and doesn't conflict on OSes with caase sensitive file systems

I don't think so, that would break backwards compatibility, as scores created with an updated instruments.xml, the change way how those noteheads are stored, won't be readable with older 2.0.x versions

Not readable? I know there was a change to notehead storage for 3.0, but I'm surprised if that's in for 2.1, and if so I don't see how this would be the only situation impacted.

I think we must be talking about different issues. ChurchOrganist's latest version of FluidR3Mono has changed one of the SoundFont's presets, with different MIDI pitches defined. So existing scores set up for the old version of the SoundFont won't play back correctly with the new SoundFont. Alternatively, they can be adjusted to play with the new SoundFont, and then won't play back correctly with the old one (I would say a barrier to downgrading is better than a barrier to upgrading). But this is nothing to do with the way noteheads are stored—it's just the playback pitches.

And that change to instruments.xml is what will cause backward compatibility issues with scores created using the new file/version and opened on older 2.0.x versions

If instruments.xml has to be changed, and a new score gets created with that file, thses changes are embeded in the score. What happens if that score then gets opened with an older version of MuseScore? Will it just work, have wrong playback, refuse to open the file or bail out with a crash?
If it works, excellent, wrong playback might be something we'd be able to live with, but anything else won't pass

It will load perfectly fine in older versions going back to 2.0, with wrong playback. Conversely, if no special import code is written for 2.1, then scores created with older versions going back to 2.0 will open perfectly fine in 2.1, with wrong playback.

If so I rest my case. Adding the drm files to correct the playback might be all that is needed then, right? 2 files, for 2.0 to 2.1 and for 2.1 to 2.0

I think that's all that's needed, yes. What I was thinking was to have a simple check on opening to see:

- If the score was last saved with <2.1
- If there is an instrument matching the old definition of the marching bass drum
- - - Load updated DRM for that instrument.

If not, then simply put a notice in the release notes alerting users to manually do it.

(Not sure what you mean by 2.1 to 2.0—we can't change how older versions import.)

As we are now moving into the final weeks of 2.1 preparation, now is the time to get to work on sorting out these details in time to submit a new SF3 version.

Status (old) fixed active

Dear ChurchOrganist,

I am a harmonica educator and have been playing the instrument for more than 15 years.
I found musescore a very nice platform for education and demonstration but I noticed that the current harmonica sound in the FLuidR3Mono soundfont would create a playback that is not decent enough. (The out-of-tune problem is particularly severe and noticeable using the mobile musescore iOS app)

I explored around Polyphone in the past few weeks trying to tackle the current problem by creating a soundfont from scratch. I recorded several samples (Master Tuning: 440.0Hz), added and linked them to the instrument and the preset in Polyphone. I removed the linkage to the original samples used for harmonica.

Kindly find from the link below the soundfont with the new harmonica samples added and linked:

I hope this could help enhance the user experience by harmonica learners, educators and composers. Looking forward to the enhanced harmonica sound before the next release of updated version of musescore!

Ivan CHONG Ting-ho

Reference Song Sample (Three in total) for Comparison:
1) Key words to search: "KCHB Audition 2017 - Set Piece 4 - Harmonica Tab"[mobile app version]
2) https://musescore.com/chromatic_harmonica_tab/set-piece-4-tab [musescore web version]
3) https://youtu.be/e3UFnqS09BA [youtube version, audio replaced with mp3 of the updated soundfont using the new harmonica samples]