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• Feb 1, 2017 - 05:34
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Project is transposing piano accompaniment for Bb instrument to Eb instrument.
Treble clef part is 6/8 and bass clef part has been changed to 2/4 for seven bars. Problem is reverting bass clef part to 6/8 time. Following the manual holding down cntrl and dragging 6/8 to the bar is not working. Musescore keeps coming up with message "measure not empty" (it is) or "complete tuplet" (no tuplet has been entered). Could you please advise. Thanks.

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What you are doing as you know is called a local time signature. I'm not sure if your score came from midi or was manually input.

Unfortunately MS does not handle local time signatures well. Once you put in a local time signature, there is no copying or pasting into that line after the local time signature. If you are entering the score by hand, then the best method is to enter everything except the measures with local time signature, including the time signature where you change back. Leave the measure that will have the local time signature empty until everything else is entered. Once you are sure there will be no more copying or pasting on the line, then add the local time signature, then add the notes in those measures. As previously stated, these measure will have to be manually entered and altered, automation is extremely limited.

If your score came from midi, then use the same idea, except you will need to make a duplicate line for the one with the local time signature. You can copy everything to the new line that is not in local time signature, then add the local section in a similar method. You can then delete the extra line of music. It's not easy, but it's easier than starting over.

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And to be clear: it's not just the measure you are dragging to that needs to be empty - it is all measures that would be affected (everything from that point to the next time signature change or end of score), in all staves. The tuplet message is indeed misleading, but realize that internalby, a local time signature change like this involves scaling note durations in ways that are basically like tuplets.

In the future, please use the Support forum (Help / Ask for Help) when you have questions about using MuseScore. And it is usually best to attach the score you are having problems with.