[GP] Slurs are not imported

• Mar 1, 2017 - 20:25
Reported version
S4 - Minor

Version 2.0.3 and current 2.1 dev. 645bdc4

1) Load these files:
- Slurs gpx.gpx
- Slurs gp5.gp5

Expected result:
Actual result: the slurs are not imported


  • "Can GP create slurs on voices > 1"

Absolutely, slurs into four voices.

In GP, the exact term is "legato" ("phrasé legato")

So, none of these slurs/legato in the four voices are imported by MuseScore.
See the first four measures on this attached file: slurs 4 voices.gpx

  • On the other hand, I found that the Hammer / Pull-Off, but only the voice1, are imported (at least correctly ). See Measure 5.

Indeed, with the other voices, one symbol is missing out of the two, and it is badly placed.

  • "Slurs across voices? Slurs across staves?"

I can not say for sure, because I do not have an expert practice of GP (so, again, subject to caution), but a priori I do not think so (and I do not see these points mentioned in the user manual)

- the slurs/legato are shown only on standard notation (by default)
slurs legato.jpg
- the hammer/pull-off on the two staves standard/Tab (default still)
ham po.jpg

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Great. The hammer / pull off is an easy fix I believe.
Slurs a little bit harder but your file should help. It would be cool if we can have more tests cases, like slurs from one measure to another, overlapping slurs (slur from beat 1 to 4, and from 2 to 3 in the same voice, from 1to 3 and 2 to 4, and in different voices)

In Slurs gp5.gp5 (note the GP5 file extension), are you sure that there are slurs ? Neither TuxGuitar or Guitar Pro on iOS detect them.

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Status active PR created
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Should work now in most of the cases. The main points are:

  1. GP6 has two ways to represent what MuseScore calls slurs (Legato and Hammer/Pull off)
  2. Legatos cannot cross voices nor staves in GP.
  3. For legato, GP6 has a Legato element on beats with a two boolean origin and destination, in some cases, destination and origin are both true for the all chords in between start and end, but also for the last chord, which makes it hard to find the end of the Slur. So after each measure, and at the end of the score, I added a check : If this measure doesn't contain a given voice, then the slurs in previous slur should be terminated on the last chord of the previous measure in the given voice.

Regarding 3, now that I write it, it could cause problem for voice 1, since there is always a voice 1 in MuseScore and it could cause problem if such a weird legato (with destination and origin true) is used in a measure just before a measure with also a legato in the same voice (not sure this case can happen though)

"In Slurs gp5.gp5 (note the GP5 file extension), are you sure that there are slurs ?"

You have right I believe. I also own GP5 (very little used). I look, I peel the features and the GP5 manual : indeed, I do not see this "legato". Surely a feature added to GP6.
Hammer, pull-off, legato slide (sort a glissando with a slur - in measure 3) and ties are imported: gp5 hammer etc.gp5

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