Select -> More: ability to distinguish same pitch on a specific string in Tabs

• Mar 27, 2017 - 07:20
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GIT commit ae09a44 / Windows7

1) Load this file: tab string.mscz

2) Right-click on the fret 5, first measure -> Select -> More -> Tick "same pitch" (D3)

Expected result : only the D3 on the fifth string are selected

Current result : all the D3 on three differents strings are selected

So, the aim is to have the ability to tick both « same pitch » and « same string »


Use cases: many...
Just for recall: eg for guitar, there is - and only in the twelve first frets

- Three E4 /three F4 / three F#4 / three G4
- Three B3 / three C4 / three C#4 / three D4
- Three G3 / three G#3 /three A3
- Three D3 / three D#3 / three E3
- Two A2 / two Bb2 / two B2
- Two C3 / two C#3

So, in this non exhaustive report, one observe that for 19 differents pitches, we can get 52 locations on different strings over the fretboard (inside the first octave -> fret 12)

Would it be ok for me to work on this issue? I'm a .NET developer in my day job and I'm looking to start contributing to open source C++ projects. I'm also a guitar player so tab is very familiar to me.

I'd like to avoid something I ran into last time I attempted to contribute to an open source project which is that someone else went through and updated everything I was writing updated code for so it ended up being a waste of time.

I can not speak on behalf of developers, but under their control, I would say willingly that you should not hesitate to make a proposal to fulfill this feature request. And for others, of course, or bug fixes (and new features)
From my memory, since four years, and probably since forever, this is the first time I see both a guitarist/developper offer his services to MuseScore. So, welcome! :)

The assigned field shows who is working on the issue and from what I've observed others respect that you have assigned yourself to the task. Others are more than willing to discuss details of all sorts from coding ideas to implementation ideas. Make sure you read the development page and follow its instructions so you can contribute.

This should be pretty easy to do. You want to add one more parameter to NotePattern, the string, and fill it in SelectNoteDialog::setPattern(NotePattern* p). You will need to modify selectnotedialog.ui to change the UI. Then use the new parameter from NotePattern in Score::collectNoteMatch(void* data, Element* e)

Perfect for someone who just discovered MuseScore, so if you are a seasoned MuseScore developer, look elsewhere :)

I'm definitely looking for Babby's First Open Source Project C++ Commit. Thanks for the tips, I'm working on getting the project building correctly right now so once I get that I can actually make some changes.

@iamshtreyas: if you have a code change proposal, put it into a PR (more than 3 months after "Tom Ryan 3" was seen here last it is save to assume he dropped this topic), if you have a UI proposal, maybe share a screenshot/mockup here.
Just noticed you had been on IRC, by the time I though about an answer, you had left already.

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Hi folks, my apologies for not coming back to this. I struggled a lot with getting MuseScore to compile and was unable to do so across multiple operating systems. It got to the point where it looked like I needed to have a specific version of Linux to try to get it to finally compile and I just gave up at that point. I should've come in then and mentioned that I couldn't work on this issue.