"Select" > "All similar elements" does not select all notes

• Apr 16, 2017 - 19:40
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S4 - Minor

2.1-dev (ad8ef22) / Win7

See attached file. Select a crosshead note, right click and chose "Select" > "All similar elements."
Expected result: All noteheads are selected (this was the result in 2.0.3).
Actual result: Only crosshead notes are selected.

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I believe this deserves some discussion at to if it is a bug or it should do this. Since you only had a single line with cross note heads I double checked to see if if it would select cross note heads on other lines - which it did.

So, do you expect it to select all notes? This can be done from the inspector (by selecting everything or a section).

Select all notes of the same duration? This seems reasonable (disregard note heads)
Select all notes of the same duration on the same line? This sounds reasonable as well. (disregard note heads)
Select all cross head notes of the same duration on the same lines? I believe this is the most reasonable because it basically uses all of the unique check boxes in the select|more... option.

I would have expected "all similar elements" to mean all notes, period, so to me this is a bug. In order to get the effect of just selecting this particular cymbal note, I'd have expected to need Select / More / Same pitch.

I don't see a reason I would ever want to select EVERY note in the song, but I can always use more... to select the ones I want so it doesn't really matter to me.

I guess in the usual case, the question is moot - unless a score has any non-standard noteheads, select all notes with same head *is* selecting all notes. It's only situations where there are mixed heads that there is a difference. And apparently this was deliberate, see the following comment:


The more I think about it, the more I tend to come around to thinking that I more often want only notes of the same notehead selected when selecting a lot of notes. For instance, in a score involving a mix of standard notation, drum notation, and slash notation, chances are pretty good that whatever I might be doing with all regular notes, I wouldn't want done to the slashes or drum notes. Of course, some drums do have standard heads so it doesn't *quite* do what I'd hope for in that case, but still, I would agree the desired behavior is subjective and possibly the current behavior is better.

2.1-dev 1409eac

Right-click on a cross notehead, chose "Select" > "More…", then click "OK" without checking any boxes.
Expected result: Nothing selected?
Actual result: All noteheads are selected.

Another bug?

Interesting. I guess you might expect nothing to be selected if you didn't check any boxes. By not checking any boxes you didn't put any limitations on what is selected either. I'm not really sure what I would expect... Nothing? Everything? both make equal sense to me.

To me, selecting all noteheads makes more sense. If you want nothing selected, then *do* nothing. Or hit Esc/Cancel. If Select / All Similar Elements isn't going to select all notes, then I would still want that operation to be as easy as possible, and this seems the next best thing.

Right, that's what I mean too. Given the choices of doing nothing or doing something useful that would otherwise require an extra step, I prefer the latter.

I suspect it will only be what the user really wants a very small amount of the time no matter which one it does. The user probably would have meant to cancel rather than press ok if they chose no check boxes.

True. It wasn't really the case of a user accidentally stumbling upon this I was concerned with - it is dealing the fact that for an experienced user who *wants* to actually select all notes, currently this is rather harder than it was in 2.0.3, because of the change in behavior of Select / All Similar Elements to only select those with the same notehead. If we don't restore that older behavior, then I'd like to see *some* easier way of selecting all notes using these menus. So that is why I am seeing the current behavior of the More dialog with nothing selected as being better than doing nothing - it reduces by one click the number of steps necessary to select all notes, with no harm to any other real world use case.