Right Click context menu for ScoreTab to add & delete parts

• Apr 25, 2017 - 06:36
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S5 - Suggestion

Currently user has to go to File->Parts to add or remove parts. I'm proposing adding a context menu when Right-Clicking on a parent score's tab or anywhere on the QTabBox of child scores which would allow user to immediate create & delete parts without going to File->Parts:



I suppose if I were to spend time to implement such a thing, then I could also have "Scores" submenu with options for "Open Score" as well as "Save Score".

The OP there wanted toe ability to delete a Part Tab by clicking on an X, similar to the x to Close the score. kuwitt's reply was that a right-click menu would be better.

Close and delete are not the same thing, so an X on a part that deletes that part is very different from an X on the score, which just closes it (and asking for save, if needed), but doesn't delete it


I am aware that close & delete are not the same thing. If an X for child scores gets implemented, it will necessarily mark the main score file with a * to indicate it has been changed if it wasn't previously. I'm wondering if maybe there should be a popup window "Are you sure you want to delete Part ___?" when press X, or if that would be too much questioning the user.

I don't think it would be a good solution to delete parts via a x-button. The normal behavior is to close a window by clicking the x and not deleting something. And I'm not sure, if it would be useful to define another behavior here.
For me the better solution would be to open a context menu via right click on the tab for more options and would be more clear.

Ok, thanks for your feedback Jojo & kuwitt, and I'll side with you two here because I can understand the problem of having different semantics of "delete" for parts while normally X just "closes" things. I've edited and renamed #192726: Remove duplicated tab for main score & enable setMovable (to allow reordering of parts) so it doesn't include my original request to have the X. Clearly it is better to have a context menu, and it sounds like we agree to have a context menu.

For the record, I like the context menu. We went from overly cluttered to overly sparse, I think, and there is room for a couple of more additions. This one makes sense to me. I also agree the "X" should not delete anything.

Well, it's already available in the menu system, and considering generation of parts happens only once in the life a score under normal circumstances, I don't think devoting additional screen real estate to it makes sense. This is just a convenient shortcut. But I'd be fine with making it available anywhere in the general score area as well. Right now the context menu when clicking outside of a specific context yields four submenus: Measures, Frames, Text, Lines. I'd propose adding a fifth, "Score", with items on it for accessing Parts, Page Layout, General Style, and Text Style. These are the things I access most that feel like they should be available here.

I agree with @Marc in #12 of making it available anywhere in the general score area as well as the green area in my mockup.

To avoid [#120676], let's make sure to *add* the parts option to the right-click menu without removing the options that were already there.

Issac, I might use your commit for PR 2706 as a starting point, but modify it accordingly.