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• May 9, 2017 - 08:01
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En défilement vertical des pages, avec zoom 166%, en lecture, le curseur n'est pas toujours visible: à partir de la 2ème page on ne voit que le bas de la page.


GIT commit: 3c7a69d


Google translate:
In vertical scrolling of pages, with 166% zoom, in reading, the cursor is not always visible: from the 2nd page one sees only the bottom of the page.

What 2nd page? There is no score. Anyway, if I try with a multi page score of mine, and press play, the cursor is alway is visible, as long as the 'panning' button is pressed (see, the 2nd to last button in the Play toolbar)

peux-tu joindre la partition ?
Quel est ton OS et ta version de MS ?
Je suppose que si tu précises l'état du zoom, c'est que dans les autres cas le curseur est dans la fenêtre ?

Yes, panning button is supposed pressed, in "scrowling page" layout to "vertically" context.
When the playback cursor jump to page 2, only the bottom of the page 2 is shown.
Asked for score file, OS and MS version.

I see something like the effect described on much larger zoom, like 800% (and this will depend on screen resolution and window size I guess), where not even one full measure fits the screen, but I don't think this is the issue here, right?

I thank you all for your answers.
I use MuseScore 2.0.3 in French with Mageia Linux 5.1 (I must install MuseScore 2.1, ...).

First, in Préférences (Options), second tab, choose Vertical scrolling.
Display a multipage score with a zoom ratio such as only half a page is displayed in full with.
Display the top of the first page.
Play the score --> you can see the cursor down to the bottom of the page, the page automatically scrolls.
When it comes to the second page, only the bottom of the page is displayed, you don't see the cursor as long as it is moving in the top of the page, the page does not scroll.
The problem is the same for 3rd and 4th pages.

Multipage score attached (for accompanying me learning diatonic accordion).


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