Add D flat piccolo flute

• May 10, 2017 - 16:22
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Please add a Baritone Treble Clef in B flat to the list of brass instruments. Right now I have to convert the part to a B flat trumpet and bring it down an octave to change the clef etc.
This is a a common instrument.

Also, please add a D flat piccolo to the instrument list. Although this is an obsolete instrument, I spend a lot of time in Musecore taking old, out of copyright music, and converting into modern instrumentation.
Thank you.
GIT commit: 6347ed6


Title Add Baritone trumpet (treble clef) and D flat piccolo trumpet Add Baritone TC (treble clef) and D flat piccolo

For the Dflat piccolo, same as a C piccolo
For the Baritone Horn treble clef, same as the baritone horn base clef

Title Add Baritone TC (treble clef) and D flat piccolo Add D flat piccolo

Baritone horn (treble clef) is already present on the list - enter "baritone" into the search box and you'll see it. At least is there for 2.1, can't speak for earlier releases. Db piccolo is not and should indeed be added.

It is a DFLAT PICCOLO (as in tiny flute). It is pitched a half step higher than the current flutes in C.
It is a transposing instrument. If an C instrument is playing in Bflat major (2 flats), the DFLAT PICCOLO is playing in the key of A major (3 sharps).

Title Add D flat piccolo Add D flat piccolo flute

So what is its range?
I'll assume one semitone higher as for the regular C Piccolo flute

How about also adding a G Clarinet and a Lupophone?
G Clarinet has same range as any clarinet, but transposed down to in G. (No low C). Oh, bass clarinet and lower should have low C extensions, also String Bass should have low Cs imo
Lupophon is a heckelphon, but goes down to low F instead of A.