Playback of tuplets is incorrectly affected by swing-feel

• Jan 29, 2013 - 14:37
S4 - Minor

Having set playback to swing i created a few bars where I want one voice to sing straight 8'ths.
I tried both noting it as duplets and as octuplets, but playback still swings the 8ths.

Same problem, when I save file as .wav.

Musescore 1.2 rev. 5470 on Mac OS X Mountain Lion


Are you saying there WON'T be any swing playback at all, or that there are unimplemented plans for it, but they just haven't been put in? And if there won't be any, how will we be able to play something back as swing? You will be losing a lot of jazzers if swing playback is not an option.

Status (old) closed active

Original problem from 2013 persists in musescore 2.0.2 on MacOS 10.10.5

Swing works normally; when the arrangement is in 'swing' e.g. 8th notes are played back as triplets.
Problem is: when in swing, quadruplets or duplets should play back as 'straight' 8th notes.

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Hmm, I guess I can agree with that. But the more standard way to notate straight passages in a swing piece is with a text marking that says "Straight", and MuseScore does support that. Just add a Swing text and edit it to read "Straight" then change its staff text properties.

I agree, that is more common if it a whole passage in straight 8ths. In this case it is supposed to be a rhythmic variation for just a few beats in only a couple of parts while other parts stay in swing.

Having the tuplets work properly would save a lot of explanations and would make it play back properly :-)