Deleting existing notes removes only the stem and the note head remains at the staff

• Mar 9, 2013 - 03:50
S4 - Minor

In the score I'm writing, there's a two 16th note tied. I wanted to delete the second 16th note to make the first 16th note an eight note. As I did, I deleted the second note. What happened is that the stem is deleted, but the note head remains. I tried clicking the note head to delete it but it was not possible.



This doesn't address the note head remaining (I'm sure someone else will direct you) but as a solution to your problem, select the 1st sixteenth note and press "4". This should change that sixteenth into an eighth note.


Can you post the score? And say what system you are on, what version of MuseScore, and describe more exactly what you did?

Normally you can't delete stems. It is possible you actually moved it (by dragging it inadvertently). But then, it should still be possible to delete the note. Note that you'd need to delete the note - as Xavierjazz notes above, all you really need to to do is lengthen the first note, and the second goes away by itself.

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As there has been no further information, I close this.

If you manage to reproduce using the latest nightly build or source code, please post.