fermata changes playback tempo

• Mar 12, 2013 - 09:25
S4 - Minor

See attached score, after the fermata the playback is much slower than before. Same goes for the exported sound files (at least for MP3)
Doesn't happen in 1.x, but does in GIT commit: 6c1d0d2on Windows XPpro SP3

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In previous versions, fermata did not affect tempo; this 'feature' has been added because there have been requests to do so. Now there are requests to go back.

I personally do not agree with this 'feature' (and share the Jojo's concerns) but it is evident that different positions are possible and perhaps a deeper discussion is in order to come at a widely acceptable solution.


I think the point is, the feature doesn't actually work properly. I *like* that the note with the fermatal it is held longer (ideally, this would be configurable shoehow), but the tempo should then return to normal immediately afterwards,and as of the last build where I tried this, it doesn't. The tempo remains slower *after* the fermata, which isn't right.

The score attached here is quite special right? In MuseScore bdb01a0725, adding a fermata on a quarter note on a score with only quarter notes works well (the quarter note with the fermata is longer than the other) and the fermata can be deleted. So it could be useful to find how this score is special...

Indeed, when I try it on a score created from scratch, it works as expected. It was a score created in 1.2 that exhibited the problem where the tempo stayed slow after the fermata for me. But actually, now it just crashes as soon as I hit play on that score. Probably unrelated.

The problem may be related to the fact that in the first score there are two fermatas at the same tick, one for voice 1 and one for voice 2. Probably, MuseScore is multiplying twice for the stretching factor.
Try with the attached file:
1- Open it;
2- drag and drop a fermata on the D (1st voice);
3- Play the score: the D (and corresponding A in second voice) now sounds twice as long as before. After these notes, the tempo goes back to the original (1x);
4- drag and drop a fermata on the A in second voice;
5- Play the score: the D and A now sound twice as long as before, thus four times the original(2 times 2x). After these notes, the tempo is set back to a duration which is twice the original (2x).
Tested with Nightly Build rev 05977b2
Windows XP Professional SP3.

However, when opening Fermate.mscz of #2 I cannot hear this doubling of duration after the pair of fermate in first and second voice.

Now, for what concerns one of the possible source of the crash:
1- Start from point -5- above;
2- Select the fermata in the first voice (the one attached to the D);
3- Hit canc;
4- Play the score: all tempo changes attached to D and A have been deleted and the score sounds at the very first tempo (1x);
5- If you try to delete the second fermata (attached to the A), there is a crash because the tempo change related to this fermata has been deleted at step -4-.

Moreover, something similar happens with two consecutive notes with a fermata:
1- Open the attached score;
2- Drag and drop a fermata on the D;
3- Drag and drop a fermata on the E;
4- Play the score: the D (and 2nd voice A) and the E (and 2nd voice B) sounds twice as long as before (2x);
5- Select the fermata on the D;
6- Hit canc;
7- Play the score: all tempo changes have reverted to the original duration (1x);
8- If you try to delete the fermata on the E, there is a crash because the tempo change related to this fermata has been deleted at step -7-.

Additional note: in my personal build I experience a crash when enabling the metronome and playing twice in a row the attached score, not reproducible with the Nightly build.

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The crash is fixed by 85a54f2e
However, the problem of tempo for two fermate on 1st and 2nd voices remains, as well as the disappearing of fermata tempo changes when only one is deleted (i.e. tempo reverts to 1x even if one fermata is still present).