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• May 24, 2017 - 19:50

Is the explanation for the shortcut to change a note enharmonic correct? For me (OS: OpenSuse) J changes it both up and down, Shift+J doesn't change anything. Or do I overlook something?


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The way it should work:

J starts with using the note above, so C becomes Dbb, then B# then C, while Ctrl+J becomes B#, then Dbb then C. For notes with only 2 spellings there is no difference.

Apparently there is a bug so it does not work properly. I never use the Ctrl+J so I never noticed it before. I wonder if it used to work?

The documentation is out of date. Some time ago, the behavior was changed. "J" alters the spelling in both concert pitch and transposed modes; "Ctrl+J" alters it in the current mode only.

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For my own clearness and maybe for updating this minor handbook passage: I don't see still the difference. If I select the note input mode or not, "j" and "Strg+J" work in the same way for me, no matter if I'm using the concert pitch mode or the transposed mode.

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Are you using an instrument for which there is a difference? Try the following:

1) new score for Bb trumpet, key of C (which will render as D transposed)
2) be sure to have concert pitch off
3) first measure note input
4) enter a whole note A, press down arrow to yield Ab, then press J to change to G#
5) do the same in measure 2 except use Ctrl+J
6) now turn concert pitch on

You should see the first measure with an F# because the J command affected both modes, but the second measure will have Gb.

I would like to correct this shortcut description to the current behavior, but I'm not sure, if it would be comprehensible in this way:

* J: Change note up or down to enharmonic note (alters the spelling in both concert pitch and transposed modes)
* Ctrl+J (Mac Cmd+J): Change note up or down to enharmonic note (alters the spelling only in the current mode)

Or would it be better to remove the shortcut description for Ctrl+J?

(because of the contradiction with the description of the shortcut list in preferences)

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