File access errors (auto save and regular ctl+s saves) [r1940 Mac]

• Jul 21, 2009 - 19:30
S4 - Minor

MuseScore thinks files are read-only when they are not.

Load score, set preferences to auto-save. Start editing. When MuseScore tries to save, an error dialog pops up:
"Open Temp File
failed: Read-only filesystem"

Atempting to save after this error appears nets the same result.

Attached screenshot to show directory is read-write, and dialogs.

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Actually, I was running it from the disk image and not from the applications folder ... since copying it to Applications I haven't been able to reproduce this ...

The dmg is read-only, but the file I was editing isn't.

It's still an odd behavior as where MuseScore is run from (from a read-only or a read-write folder) shouldn't effect the files it tries to save elsewhere in writable folders.

We ran into something like this with revision 2012 (0.9.5 OS X). The context and error message are slightly different. has been installed by dragging into /Applications by one user. When another user on the same machine attempts to save a file (either Command-S, File menu, or clicking the disk icon), it fails with "Open temp file failed: Permission denied". It works fine for the user who installed it. Save As... works as expected, and is a workaround, but a little painful.