Measures can't be selected around mid-score in Continuous View

• Jul 1, 2017 - 12:13
Reported version
S4 - Minor

Current 3.0 dev. 72e1501 / Windows10

1) "Untitled" score
2) Toggle in Continuous View
3) Select the measure under the fifth break line (ie measure 19) or the previous ones.
Result: as expected
4) Select the next measure (20) and followings:
Result: failure

- Other aspect:

Same two first steps, then:
3) Enter a whole note in first measure
4) Press "R" key as many times as necessary to fill the score

Result: when the note reach more ou less the same location, you observe a jump - associated with a stop - of the score.
You are in the inability to act and see what you do.

BTW, you note the Navigator's position remains as in Page view, and so blue rectangle can't move. All this is related I guess ?


Still an issue as of: 6413ac1

The issue tracks down to Score::searchPage.…

Here is the stack trace upon attempting to click a measure in mid range. (Found by setting a break point in searchPage)

1 Ms::Score::searchPage score.cpp 880 0x849216
2 Ms::Score::searchSystem score.cpp 898 0x849328
3 Ms::Score::searchMeasure score.cpp 940 0x8495a9
4 Ms::Score::pos2measure score.cpp 497 0x847d05
5 Ms::ScoreView::mousePressEventNormal events.cpp 294 0x41a833
6 Ms::ScoreView::mousePressEvent events.cpp 327 0x41ab82
7 ZN7QWidget5eventEP6QEvent 0x2254cf0d
8 ?? 0x2a1bb898
9 ?? 0xf62374c0
10 ?? 0x52046c05
11 ?? 0x1a740477

I can select measures around mid-score. But cannot select the last measure by clicking left mouse button. Note the last measure can be selected by holding the 'shift' and framing the measure