Additional mode to update accidentals

• Nov 14, 2013 - 17:27
S5 - Suggestion
PR created

Updating an accidental on a note in general applies only to one note. If I alter a given c to cis, all following notes c in the same measure get a 'natural' sign automatically. That is o.k. so far.
But in some situations, eg. when I am correcting a given score with errors (may be imported after OCR) this behaviour often is tiresome: Many clicks are necessary to insert only one missing accidental, which was valid for the whole measure.
My proposal: When pressing the ALT-key while dropping an accidental to a note (or another action that results in an aupdate of en accidental) let it be valid to the whole measure.
I have already implemented this in Version 1.2 and use it permanently.