Tablature2 clef missing

• Jan 2, 2014 - 20:44
S4 - Minor

1. 'New…'.
2. At the instruments step, add 'Acoustic Guitar'.
3. Click on its stave.
4. 'Add Linked Staff'.
5. Change the 'Stave type' of the linked staff to 'Tab. 6-str full'.
6. 'OK'.

Result: The tablature clef doesn't appear in the linked staff.

Tablature clef doesn't appear in linked staff.png

Note: In 'Staff Types…', 'Show Clef' in the 'Tab. 6-str full' entry is ticked.

Using MuseScore 2.0 Nightly Build (d6d0b1a) - Mac 10.7.5.


I suspect this related to the fact that the "Tablature2" clef is missing from the palette as well (only blank staff lines appear). A bit of not-yet-completed SMuFL integration? Or maybe we need to reset our palettes?

Title Tablature2 clef doesn't appear in linked staff Tablature2 clef missing

It's simpler than that - the clef is missing, period. Linked staff, non-linked staff, change staff type or no - there is simply no way to get a tab2 clef to appear as far as I can see. The clef is actually present according to the object debugger - clef #20, just as the (blank) palette icon suggests it should be. There's just no glyph to display.

The glyph to display would be sixStringTabClefSerif (as per cleff.cpp, sym.cpp and sym.h). In the Emmentalers glyphnames.json however it is called 6stringTabClefSerif. It doesn't seem to be part of Bravura (nor Gonville), probably the reason why it shows empty in the Palette, although it is mentioned in smufl-0.7.pdf, as a "recommended stylistic alternative". here too called 6stringTabClefSerif.

// SMuFL stylistic alternates which we need to access directly

noteheadDoubleWholeAlt, // double whole with double side bars
sixStringTabClefSerif, // TAB clef in script style

Looks like the clef is now present - at least, I can make it appear in a score. But it shows empty in the palette still. And I don't know that is sized correctly.

We currently have no way to access the stylistic alternates in Bravura. Future versions of SMuFL will give more info in metadata.json in order to access the alternates.

And this is not related in any form or shape to the mismatch between "6stringTabClef" in glyphnames.json and "sixStringTabClef" in sym.h, sym.cpp and clef.cpp?
And the lack of 6stringTabClef being mentioned in fontstools/genft.cpp? ("6stringTabClefSerif" is in there, and mismatches with "sixStringTabClefSerif" and "6StringTabClefSerif" in other places)

Yes, we could fix that. The second enumeration is due to disappear though. For what I heard we will be able get a more suitable "user name" to use in the UI from metadata.json in next version of SMuFL.