Header/Footer don't respect "odd/even" setting

• Jan 30, 2014 - 15:13
S4 - Minor

Create any multi-page score. Enter copyright text as you do so. Now edit the Header/Footer settings, unchecking "Odd/even" for both, but leaving "Show first" checked. Enter some header details as well like page number and some text.

Result: all pages still show the full header/footer info.
Expected: Only the first page should have the header and footer info.

Note that the "Show first" option is honored but the "Odd/even" seems to be ignored.


I just tried and I do indeed see footer/header on all pages, but the even texts only.
And that is exactly what I'd expect. Of you want nothing on the odd pages, don't enter anything there4 and lever the even/odd checked
What could/should get improved is that the odd input fields should get disabled when the even/odd button is unchecked and probably also the label "Odd" should vanish or get greyed out, so you know what is going to happen.

Or am I missing the point?

It would seem one of us is missing the point. Having separate checkboxes for "odd/even" and "show first" means there is supposed to be separate controls for each. Uncheck odd/even means I should only see anything on the first page regardless of what is entered in the text boxes.

Also, only the data entered in the "even" copyright box is being shown when odd/even is turned off.

The problem then becomes separating page numbers (which you usually want) from the copyright data, which usually only exists on page one. If indeed I am using the dialog wrong, then it's design is non-obvious.

When you switch off "Even/Odd", you don't want to make a difference between the two and here the even setting wins. As said, then the odd settings should be disabled, so you see that it won't get used, that part certainly is a bug.
"Show first" really means (or seems to mean) "Show on first page"

I must say the new header/footer control in 2.0 really doesn't make much sense to me. I never read the odd/even switch to mean using the odd/even boxes, defaulting to even if turned off. How can you generate all page numbers, while only showing copyright info on first page? How can you separate page numbering control from copyright info?

Unlike v1.x, where I could manually select and hide whichever footer I didn't want (not the best solution, but it worked), v2.0 seems far too limited.

Status (old) fixed active

the even part of the header dialog is enabled even if the header section itself is disabled, at least on first use of that dialog.
Also there's something wrong about the translation of the column headers of that dialog ("Odd" resp. "Even/Odd")