Palette and Inspector window properties

• Aug 18, 2017 - 04:25
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S4 - Minor

This appears to be a design shortcoming that should be addressed.

Under factory settings the palette and Inspector are sidebars in the surface so the score is never obscured by them but adjusts to fit the remaining space when they are open.

In their top corner is a diagonal <> symbol that allows one to convert them to floating windows that can be resized and repositioned, but in that mode they overlay the score so that they must be closed to see the entire visible portion of the score. For example, with them in sidebar mode and the score in continuous view mode, the instrument names remain always visible at the left, even with the palette open, but in window mode opening the palette obscures the names and part of the score.

Now the problem: Once switched to window mode there appears to be no way to return them to sidebar mode except to reset MuseScore to factory default settings from the Help menu, and then restart it. It should be possible to make that change with a symbol in the window title bar or with a right click on the window, but all options that might permit such a thing are always grayed out in the right click context menus. I submit that a fix is needed.


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Just drag them back into place so they'll snap in again. Better use the forum first, to determine whether something is a bug, or just a misunderstand how things are supposed to work