# instead of noteheads or symbols

• Feb 9, 2014 - 17:58
Graphical (UI)
S4 - Minor

Mint 16

GIT commit: 1d54c0a

in palette, #es show instead of noteheads or symbols

see attachment


It does not in my self built one nor in the 1d54c0a nightly build. Maybe you need a reset to factory and delete all personal settings? I find it difficult to believe that this might be a platform specific problem (I*m on Windows 7 Enterprise 64bit)

I first reset : no change

Then I deleted /home/leleu/.config/MuseScore/MuseScoreDevelopment.ini no change again. A new file has been created, much smaller than the old.

You can try to delete all the contents of the folder:
and then launch mscore again.

Also make sure you don't have a copy of the MScore or Bravura fonts installed on your system. If you do, MuseScore may try to use them in preference to the built in the version, and if your installed version is out of date, you'd get weird effects like this. Probably not a bunch of the same symbol, though - that seems odd.

Definitely try deleting that folder as shown above (and do it *after* shutting down MuseScore).

Mscore and Bravura (and Gonville) appears only as shown in the attachment which shows

I deleted .ini while Mscore was not active

No change

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