double bar missing in parts

• Mar 23, 2014 - 21:08
S4 - Minor

The parts feature in the prerelease musescore is great. I can see from the bug reports that it is lacking some things. Here is yet another issue.

The double bars seem to be missing. Take a look at the double bar between measures 27 and 28 in the attached score. When I create the parts the double bar is missing.

Which version of musescore am I using? it is one I downloaded earlier this week.

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i cannot see a problem. Double bars are propagated to parts but do not break multi measure rests. If you switch multi measure rests off the double bars are visible.

In general, double bars should and do break mmrests. They do in 1.3, and they do in 2.0 *if* the double bar was applied to the whole system. It does appear that double bars attached to one staff only do not. I'd suggest they probably should, in any part that contains that staff. But it's a funny enough case I won't worry much about it.

BTW, I believe the ability to have double bars that do not apply to all staves is new for 2.0, and I like that we have it, but I'm not thrilled that they are created so easily using a technique that formerly created system-wide double bars - click barline, double-click palette icon. Although I'm not a fan of requiring drag & drop either, so I'm willing to live with it. But I fear we open ourselves up to people accidentally creating the wrong kind of double bar. I know I do it myself and have to catch myself.

it happens in somme orchestral score that double bars are used as theme separation (musically) and as a repear point with often a mesure number or rehearsal mark ..... They may be able to be seen on part that have multiple mesure rest........

Although i haven't used it yet .....

If it works on 1.3 , isn't it a regression ?

As I say above, it *does* still work in 2.0 - if you create the double bars in the normal/correct way. Which is to say, if you apply them to the whole system rather than to just one individual staff. 1.3 didn't have this feature (ability to apply a double bar to just one staff) so it can't be a regression. The "bug" only affects these brand-new, unusual double-bars-applied-to-only-a-single staff.

Personally, I'd say even double bars that apply to only one staff should probably break mmrests for any part that contains that staff. But applying a double bar to just one staff should be a rare special-purpose thing, I would think, and I'm not sure it matters much what the default is here. You can always force it to break the rest manually.