Flip doesn't work for several notes connected with a beam

• Feb 12, 2018 - 14:34
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Ubuntu 17.10. MuseScore is built from sources.


  1. Create two 8th notes
  2. Select the first one
  3. Press X (flip direction)
    Result: nothing happens
    Peek 2018-02-12 16-42.gif

Expected result: as in MuseScore 2.1 - stems and the beam should be flipped.


What you want to change is the beam position. So you have to select the beam and then press 'x' to flip the beam direction.

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This is different than in 2.x. I think the current (2.x) result is better than expecting the user to select the beam. Currently if you realize that you want the beam in the opposite direction you can flip it while in note entry rather than stopping and selecting the beam to flip it.

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If you mean also allowing the user to select the beam and press x to flip it, then I'm all in favor of that. Allowing that makes sense. I even tried to do that once upon a time and was disappointed it did not work. If you are editing the score after entering it, being able to select several beams (such as using right click select>all similar...) and flip them is better than having to select one note from each grouping to flip the beams.

The desired behaviour is just not implemented. The flip command should be redirected from a selected stem or note to the chord object. If the chord is part of a beam, the command should be further redirected to the beam.
Chords and also beams have an "direction" property. You can change both with the inspector. Here it gets interesting when you change the direction of a chord. The actual beam direction might change or not depending on the "direction majority" of beamed chords (if set to "automatic").

https://github.com/musescore/MuseScore/pull/3464 fixes flipping beams if noteheads or stems have been selected.
BTW, I see in 2.1 that slurs, ties, articulations signs and tuplets are also flipped if 'parent' notehead or stem has been flipped. It doesn't work in 3.0.

PS. In 2.1, if I flip a slur, tie, articulation sign or tuplet directly, it can no more be flipped together with 'parent' notehead or stem by flipping the last. Is it a feature or a bug?

Also, in 2.1 there is a bug: if I select odd number of noteheads and stems under the same beam, the beam and the staff will be flipped. If I select even number of ones, the beam will never be flipped.

Peek 2018-02-14 16-46.gif

I see the reason in code - flipping is performed for each selected element. I've fixed it for chords and beams and likely will fix for slurs, ties, articulations signs and tuplets. I believe it should be fixed in 2.2, too.

Status (old) patch (code needs review) fixed
Status fixed

Fixed in branch master, commit 926a36eabc

fix #269383: flip doesn't work for selected noteheads and stems

Fixed 'else' after notes/stems/hooks section: we need to process element after reassigning actual element from note to beam. Collect all the elements need to be flipped and perform flipping only if element has not been processed.