about triplets on dotted notes

• Mar 18, 2018 - 13:58
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S4 - Minor
by design

if I add triplets on a normal note, it'll be fine.
but if i press Ctrl +3 on a dotted note, like dotted semibreve (dotted whole), it turns out 3 tripletted minims (three triplet halfs) instead of 4.5 or 9 3plet crochet (3plet 4th note).
hope for improving. thanks.

BTW, my version is not newest, it's

thank you very much.


If you are getting 3 1/2 notes and rests with a triplet mark above them? This is what is expected. Using a triplet on a dotted note is redundant. If you are expecting 3 dotted 1/2 notes you can use the Notes->Tuplets->other... menu and make the relationship to 3/2 since there are normally 2 dotted 1/2 notes in a dotted whole note. If you want something else you will need to break the dotted whole note into some smaller duration to allow for the triplets.

Status (old) needs info by design
Status needs info by design

Ctrl+3 splitting the selected duration into 3 rests or the next shorter duration is intended and as such by design