Request for custom key signatures to adapt to clef

• Mar 20, 2018 - 19:03
S5 - Suggestion

When I create a custom key signature it's only valid in the treble key.
If I change the key or add instruments in other key, the display of the key signature doesn't change with the key.
See attached file.

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Title custom key signatures don't adapt to the key Request forncustom key signatures to adapt to clef
Severity S4 - Minor S5 - Suggestion

This is currently by design. In general, there is no way to do this automatically except by trying to guess which line/space you want (eg, there are two possible.locations for F# on bass clef). So rather than guess wrong, we allow you to create the new key signature for bass clef explicitly. Some day we could add an option to try to guess though.

Status (old) active needs info
Status active needs info
Reported version 2.1 2.2

Musescore have a spacing that relates to the width of a key signature, which is obviously what we usually want. Is there a way to have exactly the same width for any key signature ?

It is a little counter intuitive, but it is to write exercices which would look better if it could be aligned. And because there would be approximately a hundred of them, I'd probably be happy not to do everything « manually ».

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Thanks Marc for the explanation. But why not choose by default the same location as in a regular key signature (for ex. F# on the 4th line on bass clef) ?
By the way, I don't see how to create a key signature in bass clef, nor how to make the treble and bass key custom key signature match for a piano score for example. (I'll post my question on the forum :-) )
Thanks for your help !

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I'm in agreement with Acidy. The reason this isn't being implemented is that no one wants to make a decision on how to handle transpositions. Leaving items where they already reside in key signatures is very reasonable. The fact is that most custom key signature music in the world is on non transposing or octave transposing instruments so custom key signature transposition to other staves does not have a standard established. Why not take the lead once and make a decision so you (MuseScore not necessarily Marc) can implement a feature that is often requested. You could also allow for a playback option checkbox, so the key signature can act as it currently does if you like. It would default to it being turned off and could be called "Key signature does not affect notes." If the new context sensitive help is implemented, then the handbook/popup would clarify this.