Weird stem lengths/directions in version 2.2

• Apr 9, 2018 - 20:16

I opened a score on which I had recently been working (created in 2.1, opened in 2.2), and the stem lengths/directions in some passages have gone haywire. Some are also on the wrong side of the note head. I've attached the file, two screen captures demonstrating the problem, and a PDF of how the file looked originally (in 2.1).


It seems you have saved this as a 2.2.1 score which is unfortunate. This means the 2.1 score probably no longer exists so a programmer cannot look at the 2.1 score to see how to fix it in a future version.

FWIW, I can see the bad stem adjustments in the file (huge negative values like -20) and the same issue appears when opening the score using 2.1. So the issue has nothing to do with 2.2.

My guess is there was a manual stem adjustment of some more reaosnable small amount (there are lots of these) but then some other adjustment - like maybe the staff size adjustments - somehow screwed this up. Would indeed be good to know how to reproduce this.

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