Sea Shore (MuseScore_General.sf3)

• Apr 14, 2018 - 11:57

There appears to be a problem with the "Sea Shore" sound in MuseScore_General.sf3.

  1. Select "Sea Shore"
  2. Play Middle C on the virtual piano keyboard.
  3. Release the key. The sound continues.
  4. Quickly select and play "Telephone." The Sea Shore sound continues to play in the background.


FWIW, that's not necessarily unusual. A lot of sounds are designed to have long decay / release times. A cymbal crash is one obvious example - it rings as long as it rings independently of the note length. Similar for plucked strings, and may sound effects. Whether it's appropriate in this particular instance or not, I can't say.

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Try this:

  1. Create a new score using the treble staff option.
  2. Change the sound in the mixer to "Sea Shore."
  3. Press P to activate the on-screen Piano.
  4. Play middle C then release the key. Wait untill the sound has ended. Then repeat. Experiment by holding the key for different lengths of time.

Result: The release time seems to vary unpredictably. And the pan position can also vary between centre and right.

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