Improve shape of slur across system breaks

• Jun 24, 2018 - 16:18
Reported version
S5 - Suggestion

When inserting a phrase (curve) line over a melody, MuScore does a pretty good job of shaping the curve as it needs to be. This often comes undone when the curve breaks from the end of one page, to the beginning of another. Most times, phrases across page breaks need to be re-shaped manually.

It might be good if the same work which has gone into curve programming, could be applied for when where a melodic phrase sits between two pages. This seems to disturb the algorithm.


Actually, not just page break, but also line breaks have the same issue (for pages with multiple systems). The good news is that algorithm for slurs has been entirely reworked for the next major version of MuseScore, tentatively called MuseScore 3. It does a decent job of making the slur avoid collisions, which the current version does not (eg, slur middle line B to B up an octave and back down - slur crosses stem). And it does handle a slur across a line or page break., although perhaps not as well as it could, so I'm leaving this open. Here is an example of how it currently handles one simple case - better than 2.x, but still not ideal:


You can download a nightly build of "master" using the Download menu above if you'd like to test it out. Be aware it is nowhere near ready for real use - it's for preview / experimentation only.