All of my instruments have gone missing from the "choose instruments" page! HELP ME!!!

• Jul 4, 2018 - 19:49
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I was looking creating a new instrument (a sonic screwdriver instrument, for those curious), and the forum I was reading instructed me to open up the "instruments.xml" file. I went to the file location, but it didn't exist! So I created one, and edited it the way the instructions said. I then opened Musescore, and in the "choose instruments" screen, I clicked "Load...", navigated to the file's location, and opened it. Nothing peculiar happened at the time, but this morning I went to make a new piece and BAM, no instruments. None at all! I then proceeded to delete the "instruments.xml" file and restart Musescore. No changes. I am using the linux 32-bit version, version 2.2 (I believe). Can someone help me?


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Status active needs info

Try revert to factory settings. If this doesn't fix it, attach your Instruments.xml here.

In the future you should discuss problems like this in the forum first, it's probably not a bug but something you did and can definitely be fixed.

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Status needs info closed

Indeed, if you created your own instruments.xml and told MuseScore to use that one instead of the default, and then didn't include all the original instruments in yours, or had a syntax error, this is exactly what you should expect. So, do the revert to factory settings to start ove,r then ask for help in the support forum as mentioned.