Hard to right-click single-line staff

• Jul 29, 2018 - 11:57
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GIT commit: 44debd7/ Windows 10

1) New score for concert snare drum (Percussion - Unpitched), or woodblock, so, percussion 1 line.
2) Try to select the first or another measure
Result: you cannot. Ditto for context menu (right-click -> staff properties etc.)
The only way is to select the rest.
3) Press "N" and enter a few notes
Result: the input is messed (notes centering, stems, clef)
1 line.jpg

Same result when reducing (in staff properties) the number of lines to 1 for a standard staff
clé sol.jpg


I tested it a bit. Here is what I see:
1) I was able to select a measure, it seems to be possible now by clicking on some area around the staff line.
2) Getting a context menu via a right-click is indeed not a simple task. It is possible if one clicks exactly on the staff line but this is not really simple.
3) Notes entered on a snare drum staff look the same for me as on the screenshot. Not sure how should they look like here but if the screenshot is problematic then the problem is apparently still present.
4) Reducing number of lines in a grand staff does not result in such a bad layout as it is on the screenshot. Perhaps this item got fixed already.

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In addition to all of the above issues, notes on a single-line percussion staff don't seem to be recognized when it comes to "Hide empty staves" - the staves disappear despite having notes.

Actually, it's not just single-line staves with an issue, it's any staff, apparently if the first measure of a system is empty it gets hidden? Will investigate further and submit issue.

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Actually, I cannot reproduce the layout issues any more... can anyone else?

It's still hard to right-click a one-line staff to get to staff properties etc - you have to be right on the line pretty much. That's not all that critical, but luckily it's also probably a relatively easy fix.