Two notes instead of one

• Sep 13, 2018 - 17:48

In the attached score on my desktop computer system at least in measures 32 and after the second half note in each measure sounds distinctly like two quarter notes. Can others hear this, and can anyone explain it? Thanks for any help.

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Indeed, probably a soundfont artifact. But I'm curious, are you hear two different pitches at once, or the same pitch twice in succession, or what? Could be interesting to upload the mp3 somewhere so we can hear what you are hearing.

I notice, for the Soprano (he is SOLO) for the 2nd half note of measure 32 and after, this 2nd note seems to be 2 quater notes , unchained, with the 2nd (the last) less strong than the first

I think there is just a slight “beat” due to the vocals not being a perfect, in-phase, sine wave (and why would you want them to be?) and your brain is filling in the rest by interpreting it as two notes.

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