Using 'add fingering' keyboard shortcut

• Sep 27, 2018 - 23:24

I see that I can use the shortcuts preference to add a shortcut for 'add fingering'. However I don't see how to specify which palette entry should be chosen, nor how to create shortcuts for inserting arbitrary palette entries (which seems like a desirable general-purpose mechanism). I don't see any forum comments on this topic but perhaps I'm missing them. I do see lots of 'insert fret X' etc. shortcut mechanisms so presumably there's a way to add custom shortcuts but I'm not clear about this. Thanks for any suggestions. In exercises and other pedagogical material for guitar, it's often desirable to insert finger and string information on every note. I'd love to be able to do this during note entry.


The shortcut isn't for accessing pre-existing palette entries. It works more like staff text, giving you a cursor where you type your own fingering.

Hopefully a future version of MuseScore will allow shortcuts for arbitrary palette elements. Code was developed for this last year as part of the Google Summer of Code, but as yet it still hasn't been merged.

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