Checking "play repeats" doesn't work on second and later D.S.

• Nov 29, 2018 - 18:45
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I am learning MuseScore, in particular the repeats and jumps feature. The manual says that using the inspector to check "play repeats" on D.S or D.C will allow the software to play simple repeats a second time, as if it were the first time through that part. For example, I have 2 musical phrases A and B. A begins with a measure having a begin-repeat bar and ends with a measure having an end-repeat bar. B ends with a D.S. above it. The score reads

$ .................. D.C.
|: A :| B |

I want it to play out AABAAB. By default it will only play AABAB, because the D.C has the "play repeats" box unchecked in the inspector by default, as designed. However, checking this box WORKS if the phrase is at the beginning of the piece, but if there is a later need for the same type of repetition, it does not work.

I attached a MuseScore file showing an example of this.

The same problem exists with D.C. --- If D.C occurs early in the piece, checking the play repeats box works, but later in the piece it does not work.

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It works fine for me. You probably don't have the play repeats button on the playback toolbar pressed.

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Title In D.S and D.C checking "play repeats" doesn't always work. Checking "play repeats" doesn't work on second and later D.S.
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Just tried it again and realize the first D.S. plays correctly but the second one doesn't. I also added a third D.S. and repeats still didn't work. Tried it in version 3 with the same results.

Changed the reporting version to 3.0-dev with a regression so it will be addressed in version 3. Took away the workaround, because copy and paste the unrepeated measures in a long song is unacceptable.

Reported version 2.3  

I have a similar issue, not sure if it belongs here or somewhere else. If there's a repeated section earlier in the song, and I add a Segno, another repeated section with voltas, and a D.S. with "Play Repeats" turned on, playback will skip both voltas and any measures between the voltas and the D.S.

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This is what we expect after a section-break.

Do not use 'DC/DS' repeats as a sequencer element.
These elements are often seen once in a music work and rarely twice.
The purpose of these repetition marks is to repeat all or part of the work and finish it in a certain place. (example: DC al Fine, DS al coda) That is for very large jumps where repeat-bars cannot be used.

If someone proceed with the logic of "these exist and use as I wish,", he/she have to bear the restrictions.

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Fixed in branch 3.x, commit 0873ebf4b2

_fix #279040, fix #287447, fix #299137, fix #299320, fix #300362, fix #304795

Refactor repeatlist unwinding

  • Fix D.S. issues
  • Support for jumping into Volta
  • Support for multiple jumps
  • Prepare section break indications for when the pause should really matter
  • Prepare repeatlist to include playbackCount for each segment, opening the way for play x-th time for all elements_
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