Mid score key sig change causes all saves to become unusable, no error message, MS3 hangs.

• Nov 29, 2018 - 20:29
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This is in the Beta. I had (have?) a piece that changed key signatures in the middle. There is some odd behavior that happened when I placed the key change - apparently it was local instead of global as I intended - but no indication of an actual showstopping problem.

But after that, none of my saves would open, autosave included. MS3 beta would hang, there were still no errors. In fact, since I had the 'Continue last session' program start preference, MS3 refused to start - it wouldn't even pull up the splash screen. I had to nuke both Local appData and Musescore3 docs (Yes, win 10) to even get it to boot again.

After some research, we found the key sig to be the problem - I had plenty of work done, it was hard to pinpoint. I'm attaching the unworking auto save, and the much earlier hidden file that does work. It has the original key change I attempted to make global in the Contrabass. I later found out it wasn't global when going through the Cello and Viola - staves are hidden - and when I tried to fix it, that's when the save file became unusable, I believe.

reference thread: https://musescore.org/en/node/279010

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Here's a much smaller file that also hangs everything - midscore key change to C caused no visible difference, looked like there was no key change. I did it a few more times, made sure that some were local, and voila, a non loading, much smaller score.

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I was trying for a smaller file, But just using a grand staff didn't allow me to produce the problem. Neither did SATB, nor Jazz band. Classical orchestra template was fine too.

But I could easily reproduce on the Concert Orchestra(that name needs changing) template. Not on the first page, but if you put in enough notes to create another system, key sig changes don't show up.

Edit: tried it again with Classical orchestra, it worked after I added notes and tried to add a key sig change last page.

So if I understand correctly, the problem is only with local key signature changes? I can't reproduce with normal key changes, and since they are extremely common and no one else has reported a problem, I have to think that can't be it. Local key changes are rare though, and I can easily imagine that some specific sequence context involving them might cause a problem. BW, of the three scores you have attached to this thread thus far, only scfk8564.mscz fails to open for me.

Title Mid score Key sig change causes all saves to become unusable, no error message, MS3 hangs. Mid score local key sig change causes all saves to become unusable, no error message, MS3 hangs.

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Title Mid score local key sig change causes all saves to become unusable, no error message, MS3 hangs. Mid score key sig change causes all saves to become unusable, no error message, MS3 hangs.

For clarity, I removed the local from the title. That was a working theory, I can tell you it isn't that.

Key signature changes after you've entered in enough notes to have a couple systems do not show up, at least when its Cmaj/Amin. I recreated part of my Wagner score, including the key change from Ebmaj/Cmin. It didn't visibly show up, as I had already discovered and reproduced a couple times. I kept writing, and the music was in Cmaj/Amin like I wanted. I closed the score, then reloaded it.

It changed - now all the things I wrote that didn't have accidentals and played in Cmaj/Amin despite the key signature looking like Ebmaj/Cmin, now all those things have naturals in front of B,E, and A. It looks like I never changed the key at all.

I re-entered what I had done before, the Cmaj/Amin key change. It showed up this time! Everything looks good, and it still loads. So I then added a Cello staff. I used shift+up to get to it, as I had hidden staves turned on. When my cursor got to the cello staff, MS3 crashed. I was able to load the save that I made right when I added the cello staff - it was below the contrabasses, so I moved it up and saved. It crashed again.

And I could reproduce the crash! Move the cello stave above the contra and try to save it.

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Successfully created another no error message, unusable score. Unfortunately, I don't know how... I can tell you that it was the same score from above. I deleted the violoncello staff, added another, moved it up, and then managed to save without crashing. Did some copypasta from Cb to Vc, no problems. Added Viola after a while because I knew the other score that didn't work also had viola. Copy pasted more things, nothing. Then I started from the end, did something resembling real work instead of half-ass, and a few minutes later, it's unsaveable. Most of the difference was my taking the time to make tuplets and move numbers and slurs around, as I can't copypasta tuplets to the last beat of the measure.

Test is the most recent unusable save. I included Issue as that's the only other score I have with an unusable save. I don't know that I can do more to figure out WTH exactly happened.

EDIT:Oh, and I'll put out the most recent usuable version of unusable test - the hidden file save. I know they're large, sorry, I don't seem to be able to reproduce with smaller files.

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I can't reproduce either, but more because I didn't got what I have to look for. Could you please provide a short step by step instruction with the scores you already attached and tell us what you would've expected. Thank you!

I honestly don't know of a short way to reproduce - the simplest I've got is 'write Gotterdammerung from rehearsal mark 40 to 44 starting with contrabass, and somewhere in writing the third staff - Viola - your score will become unloadable.' There are no error messages in the making of this, and it takes long enough that it's more or less impossible to figure out what made the score unloadable.

I know Jojo pulled out the debugger in an attempt to load the autosave, and came up with 'it hangs near a key change, trying to repair broken nodes'. I know that just the key change bug is insufficient to cause this. I know you need at least three staves with notes. I suspect that having a lot of 'triplet of triplet' tuplets on the last beat has something to do with it, but I don't know.

Jojo did say '36 broken nodes', triplet of triplet is nine, there were four staves at that key change(cellos had a divisi), so that might have been it. My working theory is some perfect hellstorm of #279096: Key signature added in measure that was previous at start of system does not appear and #278943: Can't copy nested tuplets to last beat of measure or some other tuplet thing conspired to silently assassinate this scoring attempt. I can't really do much more to figure it out; I'm waiting on a fix for the above issues to try this again. Unless someone can work debug magic to get more info on the problem. The lack of error messages really hurts sherlocking attempts.

It's not just the key change, though - I have a largish score with the same key change, and it's save files are fine still. As I said, I think the tuplets aggravated the key change glitch somehow. Maybe they both aren't saving quite right?