Can't move elements of palette around, despite editing being enabled

• Nov 29, 2018 - 22:01
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I can delete and add new things, but I can't move anything around, so the palettes end up with a lot of ugly whitespace. Either we should be able to move elements, or there should be some sort of auto-sort that minimizes the number of unused cells.


Severity S4 - Minor S5 - Suggestion
Reported version 3.0 2.3
Priority P2 - Medium

The same behaviour is in 2.3, so sounds like a suggestion

Regression No Yes

arrange palette.gif

As seen in this video, you can rearrange palette items in version 2. This is definitely a regression and should be a slightly higher priority than a suggestion that someone might decide to work on some day, though I'm not saying to make it critical either.

The only workaround in version 3 is to clear all of the items after the item you want moved then reenter them. That would really suck if, for example, you wanted to rearrange the bagpipe ornaments so the ones you use most are on top.

Priority P2 - Medium P1 - High
Severity S5 - Suggestion S3 - Major
Reported version 2.3 3.0

Ah, yes. Empty cells are not a regression, but reordering is. Thank you.

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Workaround No Yes

Dragging elements don't move the elements in the palettes, indeed. Btw, there are few ways to replace empty cells with the elements you need. See the attached gif. First, if you use Ctrl(Cmd)+Shift when dragging palette cells, you are able to rearrange the items. Second, you can add elements from the score to the palette and to the empty cells as well:

screencast 2018-12-14 09-45-03.gif

Status active fixed

Fixed in branch master, commit 63b545d1c2

fix #279054: actually delete the palette cell instead of leaving empty cell

Delete the palette cell and rearrange other cells. Manual rearrangement still possible via dragging palette cells and holding Ctrl(Cmd)+Shift

I replaced "Clear" logic with actual "Delete" logic to avoid leaving empty cells. You can rearrange cells manually via dragging and holding Ctrl(Cmd)+Shift.

I tried pushing ctrl-shift then dragging a palette element to a new position on my custom palette but nothing moves. It just shows the no entry sign on drag-over event. How do I enable this please?

Anatoly's assertion that you can use ctrl+drag to move items in a custom palette is what's missing. You still can't move items around in a custom palette at all. The timing seems to be that it was "fixed" after the last beta but no one realized it wasn't fixed or was broke again sometime between Dec 28 and now. I thought I was able to move items around in a custom palette using ctrl+drag at some point.

At one point in the 3.x branch, when you could move an item you could only move it to the end of the items in the palette, leaving a hole that could not be deleted in the palette. You could drag an item from somewhere into that empty space though. In version 2, if you dragged an item in the palette from one cell to another, the items would swap places. This is issue #281362: Symbols can no longer swap their places in the palettes.

The current issue is that you can't move anything now. All you can do is add to the end or clear a cell.

As long as both issues are addressed, I don't care how many issues are open and I don't think anyone else should either.

And this is still the case in 3.0.5. I used it yesterday and it perfectly worked. You need to hold shift when dragging the palette elements around. And of course "enable editing" should be on.

It doesn't work using OS: Windows 10 (10.0), Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit):, revision: 58dd23d with editing enabled in a custom workspace. I double checked everything. Perhaps your self build has something I'm missing? It wouldn't be the first time this happened.

Doesn't seem to work for me either, Windows 10.

So, the idea in this issue is that moving an element should move it to the new location, leaving everything else in the same order, but the other issue is proposing that dropping an element onto an existing one should actually swap them, and hence two different / conflicting behaviors being requested? 2.3.2 does the swap, but to me, this is less logical than simply moving the dragged element. So maybe this is the true issue, and the swap one should be closed? As far as I can see, though, to the extent these are different, it can't be both, right?

You don't understand.

Issue one - which is here - you can't move an object at all (except on Anatoly's souped up version 😜 - actually it may be a Windows vs. Mac thing). The fix is that you press shift while dragging the item to it's new destination so they can be swapped. This prevents the accidental moving of an item if you start to put it in the score and realize you didn't want that item. In version 2 this would swap what you grabbed with the item that was at the location you released the mouse. It happened to me too many times.

Issue two - the other issue - Moving items should swap them with the destination rather than drop them at the end of the palette or nothing which is the case now.

It may end up being one fix for both issues, but as you can see from the dates and descriptions of the issues, they came up at different times.