Issues Loading MS2 scores into 3 Beta

• Dec 7, 2018 - 19:22
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S3 - Major
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A couple of issues arise when loading scores made in MuseScore 2 into MuseScore 3.

One score was corrupted, (see attached, mm. 59-60) which I was unable to delete to fix the score. Seems to be mostly an issue with time signature/meter.

A couple different scores do not show measures with music when "Hide Empty Staves" is applied.

Has shift-click and drag to move measures and events been removed from 3? I found it a very useful feature, having using Sibelius 7 & 8. Is there a different way of doing this?


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That isn't a 2.x score, at least not any more - looks like you saved it in 3.0. Do you still have the 2.x version? If it reported as corrupt when you first imported it, that is probably not a bug, at least not in 3.0 - probably it was corrupt, due to a bug in whatever version you used to create it.

Hide empty staves had a bug in the previous beta that should be fixed in the current one. Did you update today? If so, please tell us how to reproduce the problem you are seeing. When I ignore the corruptions and the hide empty staves, I don't see obvious problems.

Shift+click was formerly a way to constrain dragging to one dimension only. This is indeed currently not working, will hopefully be added back. But by far the more precise way to make manual adjustments is using the Inspector.

Still having some issues. I believe the rhythm is what is confusing the software. There are eighth note triplets with only every other triplet being played. Perhaps it's reading as a different meter. This shouldn't happen, as it is a pretty routine polyrhythm in contemporary music. It is far and away the cleanest way to notate this, and it is unacceptable that it keeps crashing the program.