Updating a score doesn't update its audio

• Dec 10, 2018 - 08:21
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Firstly I don't know whether to post it on musescore.org or musescore.com, because it seems like a website issue but it only happens with 3.0-dev versions of MuseScore. Tell me if I'm wrong.

The bug is that recently when I update a score using the default synthesizing settings (thus no "Update custom audio" option merges), the score doesn't generate a new piece of audio. The obsolete audio will only play in its time, and even if the present audio is longer, it stops and returns to 0:00 when finish playing. When I locate a moment which is valid for the previous version and not for the original one (e.g. the score is now 6:25, but the audio remains 6:05. I try to locate 6:15), the audio will not start playing from that moment, instead, it starts from 0:00.

The issue happens for my score: https://musescore.com/howard_c_/scores/5339669. I don't know if only I hear my audio wrong and it's fine for everyone else, or that it's a problem to whoever wants to listen to it.


We can't really tell how it is supposed to sound, or how it does sound on your machine, but IMHO it sounds just fine on musescore.com.
It shows a 6:16 length though, 98 measures

And indeed this here is the wrong place to report musescore.com issues. But I'm not sure whether it in fact is a musesore.com issue?

OK now here is the present case: the present audio plays until measure 52, and suddenly it changes back to the old one, making the audio still shorter than it should be. I wonder why this is going on...
(using the same score as linked above)

And now custom audios cannot be uploaded too...
After the audio is exported the message box says Uploading 1% and then goes back to 0% and freezes. When aborted manually it says things like Sorry the audio cannot be uploaded, error 5.
Happens with the same score.

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Does the site staff have any idea what is going on here? Is there a log of scores that were uploaded and sound-files that were computed? Do the times and dates validate my report that the sound file has failed to update for three days now? The lack of responsiveness on this issue (and many others as things break every day) is supremely disconcerting, as it were.

The custom audio upload has been fixed, does re-uploading scores fix it now? Did you re-upload, or just check the site for what was already there? No idea if this is the same problem, but it's worth a shot. Try both uploading on the site and uploading via the 'Save Online' feature in the File Menu.

It really hurts me to tell you this, but neither worked. Same URL. What's more, it's not custom audio, but the default, regular, standard old MuseScore audio. I'm getting very frustrated. Did you do what I said? Did you look at the date-time stamps of uploads and sound files? I'm getting very frustrated. I've debugged misbehaving systems in my life, and it should not be this difficult.