Tie broken when using Split Staff

• Dec 19, 2018 - 15:43
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When using the Split Staff function, the notes (in Voice 2) with ties changes to notes with slurs.

Side note: I used a MIDI Keyboard for note entry.

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Title Tie not working when using Split Staff function Tie broken when using Split Staff
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Hmm, from what I can tell looking at the status bar after loading the above and doing split staff then selecting a tied note on the bottom staff is that these are ties but are not being handled correctly. Double-click one and you'll see it's trying to end on the top staff. So we aren't fixing up that info correctly. The file also shows as being corrupted if you save and reload.

After splitting, the tie in the lower staff is indeed broken, the end note is missing.
The corrupted file file Marc is mentioning is a very special situation. Because of the staff split the triplet is split too and this not handled well which causes the corruption of the file. Although it is related with the staff split it is a different issue and I propose to make another issue for that.

Status PR created fixed

Fixed in branch master, commit 123943d83f

_Fix #280311 - Tie broken when using Split Staff

This issue reports two problems:
1) Broken tie for notes under the split pitch.
2) Corrupted file because of uncorrect split triplets.

This commit solves the first issue by creating a new Tie when for a note under
the split pitch a forward tie is detected. The patch temporarily saves the
new note and the old pitch in a map in which the old tied is used as key.
When this old tied note is detected, a new tie is created between the two new
notes and the old tie is removed.

The second issue is solved by creating tuplets in the splitted staff. This can
cause tuplets with only rest. These tuplets are not removed, this should
cleaned up by the Regroup Rhythms function. Unfortunately, this function
isn't able tuplet that well. But that's another issue which should be solved

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