MS 3 is destroying my scores!

• Jan 26, 2019 - 21:42
  1. Once a score is opened in MS 3, and saved, one can't open it at all in MS 2!

  2. The text for orientation (the "Fspel", "1", "2" and so on in the attached file): When they are placed over something, I want to move them to the left (or right). Then they place better and not right above a chord sign. But if I change margins or something, they just loses their placement and I have to do it all over again.

  3. The space between descant row and bass row in piano score (see attached file) is different on different rows, due to the automatic align. It looks really crazy!

  4. Check my score at verse 2 and 3. Why are the space mentioned above, different? The rows are identical, but song text are given much more space above in verse 3. Why?

  5. How do I make MS 3 NEVER use automatic align, without changing it for every single small little element?

  6. As point 1: How do I open the destroyed files in MS 2 again to restore them? I don't want this automatic stuff that make my scores look like there are no style set at all? Looks like when one hade World in the 90s and changed the layout like crazy for every new row.

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  1. Unless you ignored the warnings and saved your version 3 scores on top of your version 2 scores, they're still where the were when you imported them.

  2. I don't see any problem, there no conflicts between Rehearsal mark and chords

  3. Except for the first line of verse 3, the spacing isn't crazy (see 4. below), it normal extra spacing to keep lyrics from running into stems. You're not used to this if you're used to version 2.

  4. The differences between the first line of verses 2 & 3 are definitely strange. I know there are problems with lyrics placement, but I haven't see this. I tried to fix what you changed, but the fixes are not working. I hope @Jojo Schmitz sees this so he can comment on it. He's better at lyrics.

  5. There is a request for this that will probably be implemented at some point, but really isn't necessary if a few other bugs (like #4) are fixed.

  6. See #1

Version 2 is still on your computer unless you deleted it.

Feel free to expound on any of these issues in case I don't understand what you expect.

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  1. The problem is that when one move that text it will come back as soon as one change margins, footer or something else. If they were moved to the left (for example if a chord sign was so near that that orientation text was placed above the chord sign) and you fix that, the text will pop back to default placement if onte change anything else. When I do the same to chord signs, they do not pop back if I change anything else. It must be some bug. Try to move the text "test" in the new attached file to the left, so that it is not placed above chord signs, and then change margins or make footer not visible.

I also tried to just write some long chord signs to show that they also get above each other, but it clearly did not happen. When I create something like this example score in MS 2 and then open in MS 3, these long chord signs pop up above each other, just like the "test" text have done.

3-4. The rows (in the first score that I attached) that start with measure 29, 36 and 56 has different spacing between descant and bass row too. Why?

Also: The song text was covered by the small notes in voice two in descant row, so I had too increase margin. In the rows that has the smallest space between descant and bass row. The fact that there is different space between rows hasn't changed though, it was the same problem before increasing the margins.

This score was first created in MS 2, if that is of any help. But then it had no "Fspel" and not 3 verses in a row, but 3 verses on one sheet (I made this new score since I am supposed to play and sing, but am not used to, and cannot manage to read text in rows under each other while play).

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  1. I see what you mean. When you move the "test" text and then change the margins, the text resets to it's default position, and I agree it shouldn't. In this case, turning off auto placement doesn't help. Every time you change the margin, the text location gets reset to X=0 and y=-3 which is the default.

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I saw a huge difference in spacing between the first lines of verses 2 & 3 and couldn't figure them out in everything I was doing. I used the reset to default values on both sets of lyrics and one insisted on a Y offset of 5.something while the other had an offset of 2.something and I couldn't get them to be the same. As the OP said, there isn't enough difference in the verses to justify the automatic changes.

Edit: created verse 2 in version 2 and added verse 3 in version 3, perhaps that's the root of the problem, but it shouldn't be a problem.

Hi again. Now I tested some things.

First, I took away autoalign on every word, word by word. Result: justering1.PNG

Then I took marqued two rows of words and took away autoalign at the same time for all of them. The result is that the words on one row align with each other, but it is not the same on different rows. Also, still there are different space between descant and bass row (I guess autoalign must be turned off for every single element to get the same space here). The red arrows show the different space. justering2.PNG
If I change where "new row" (row break?) comes, the words wont align where the former row break was. justering3.PNG

I do not at all like different space like this on every single row. I want it if there are songtext on one row but not another, or if therer are several rows of text on one row but not another. But not just due to one note being higher or lower than another. That looks really disturbing.

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Then that is why you should leave autoplace turned on. I'm still not understanding the problem you were trying to solve. Can you post a clear summary? To me, the biggest issue I see in your score is that you have specified much too large a lyrics top margin, putting the lyrics too far from the top staff on most systems. Returning this to the default of 1.0sp looks much better.

Actually, if I were you, I'd reduce both the top and bottom margins for lyrics, but maybe increase the grand staff distance slightly. This will avoid collisions and give a more pleasing / consistent spacing overall. Try for instance 1sp lyrics top margin, 0sp for bottom, and 7.5sp for grand staff distance. That and then readjust those few lyrics that have issues with the downstem notes below the staff. To me this looks quite excellent with only a few seconds work.

I'm not sure why having different space betwene staves on different systems bothers you - this is not uncommon in my experience - but the method I suggested givesquite consistent results, and if you really want to force it, you could use the new "staff spacer fixed" to pull a couple staves closer. Just eyeballing it, though, the values I suggest nail it pretty well already.

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