Part does not reflect score

• Jan 29, 2019 - 03:09
Reported version
S3 - Major

Create Score with 2 parts
Enter tied notes or change bar properties to break multi measure rests
Part does not show ties and multimeasure rest break is not applied


Status duplicate needs info

In order to investigate, we would need you to attach the specific score you are having problems with, and give us precise steps to reproduce the problem. In general, entering tied notes does work, although there ar eknown issues with copy and paste. Measure properties are unique to each score/part, so it is correct / by design that changing this one place does not affect all parts. If you want to break rests everywhere, simply use one of the markings that does this automatically, like a rehearsal mark, double bar, tempo change, etc.

Status needs info duplicate

The issue with multimeasure is related to #280912: Double barline not synced in a score with parts indeed, but says something a bit more - it's not enough to make sure we sync the changes to the barline, we also have to make sure we break the multimeasure rest. Initial attempts at fixing that issue didn't address mmrests, but I'm working on a fix that does, and addresses some other issues with barlines and mmrests too, like #102821: "Dropping" end barline onto Multi-Measure rest should apply barline to *end* of multi-measure rest (which has been broken in some form since 2.0 at least). I think the mention of "bar properties" is the same as #257581: Changes to Measure properties are not propagated between score and existing linked parts after save/reload, which I just bumped (there may be another more specific for this, but I couldn't find it).

So I do think everything described here is covered by another issue. Feel free to reopen with sample score and specific steps if you feel I have missed something.