Critical failure of musescore 3.0.2 while using second screen.

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S2 - Critical

So I have two screens that I work on. Since I compose on Reaper 5, I later input the notes into musescore by hand. This is a tough process and I have to click back and forth between the two screens to make sure I'm accurate.

However, upon running musescore 3, and editing for a bit, I click back to reaper to see what I have to input next and, after returning to MS3 none of the notes will play back for you after clicking, and the play button does not work. All the sound is gone. After about five minutes of this use, it will randomly stop responding and crash.

Here is a video of me reproducing the problem. When you don't see the mouse that is because it is only recording for one screen.

I use:
Windows 10-pro
The newest version of Musescore 3


Frequency Many Once
Reproducibility Always Randomly
Status active needs info

Well, the video is rather unuseful to understand what is happening. Attach the current score (and provide precise steps) would be useful, if not fully necessary here.

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Attached is the file of the score I have.

The steps Taken to reproduce the bug are:
1) Open a program on screen 2 (for me it would be reaper) and open musescore 3 on screen 1
1) Load musescore 3 file and mess around with it some, everything should work.
2) Click and mess around with some stuff on the program on screen 2.
3) Come back to musescore and try to mess around again. This time as seen in the video, the audio will not play while clicking on notes, and the playback feature is completely broken.
4) Continue messing around placing notes for between 5 to 10 minutes.
5) After an indefinite amount of time (but between 5 to 10 minutes) musescore 3 should stop responding, and will not respond at all anymore, making me have to force stop via task manager (windows 10)

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Try this:
1. Click WinKey+R (While holding Windows Key, click "R" key on your keyboard)
2. Type: "mmsys.cpl" and click [OK] button.
3. Click on Speaker. and Click "Properties" buttton (on Bottom Right).
or Right-click on the playback device from the list of devices (round green with tick symbol), and select Properties.
4. Select the Advanced tab.
5. Remove the check from the box next to “Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device”. and Click [OK] button.
6. Not mandatory, but: if possible; make a reboot.

In MuseScore3, it may be good to change:
Edit => Preferences => I / O Tab:
API: Direct Sound
Device: "First Output Device" or "Speakers" or the name of the output device you are using.
and Click [OK] button.

Does that solve your problem?

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Also check the output settings on the Reaper.
There seems to be a conflict between the two softwares in order to control the sound output.
Processes are required to resolve this problem both at the operating system's settings and at both software settings. (Try with different adjustments)
Make sure that one of the two software is not using ASIO. ASIO is very keen to capture the entire audio-output.