Problem when entering a whole note

• Feb 15, 2019 - 02:31
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S3 - Major
by design

Create a blank piano score.
In measure 1, type "7 e" to enter a whole note.
A quarter note is unexpectedly entered.
It is worth noting that after you type "7", a whole note is selected in the note input bar.
This is not a regression. The same issue occurs in version 2.x.


Status active by design

You need to enter note input mode by pressing N to set a note duration. If you don't you will get the default quarter note entered, then you will enter note input mode. Setting the duration first is meaningless.

Status by design active

First activate the "Note-Input" function.
Try: "N 7 e"
I think it's designed so that it doesn't interfere with another function.
Example: Selecting an existing note and then pressing the "7", it just changes the duration of the note. But it doesn't activate the "Note-input" function.

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With another perspective:
The note entry cannot be activated because the existing value has not changed. (If the full-measure-rest length is equal to the value you want to enter)

(for 4/4: full-measure-rest = whole note = shortcut key: 7 )

Same operation:
Change the time-signature to 2/4.
and try to input "6 e".
(for 2/4: full-measure-rest = half note = shortcut key: 6 )

Status active by design

There is a result hadn't noticed before. If you press a duration that is different than the selected note or rest, its duration is changed, when you press the letter for a note the note is inserted and Note entry mode is entered. If you press the same duration as the selected note, then the duration returns to the default quarter note when you press the note letter.

This is still by design. If you want it active then turn it into a suggestion.