shortcuts not saving or loading

• Feb 16, 2019 - 05:55
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1) Preferences > Shortcuts
2) Change any shortcut, e.g. "Add lyrics" shortcut from "Ctrl + L" to "Ctrl + Shift + J"
3) Apply / OK
4) Shortcut works while MuseScore is running
5) Close and re-open MuseScore

Result: "Add lyrics" shortcut is reset to Ctrl + L.
Expected result: Shortcut modification persists across program restart.

I also tried exporting the shortcuts XML with the Save button, and noticed it always exports an identical (default) XML file.

I edited the shortcuts XML file manually, but loading it has no effect.

OS: macOS High Sierra (10.13), Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit):, revision: 8ca4d2c

This works properly in MuseScore 2.


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I cannot reproduce using the most current build of 3.0.2 (5315, for Windows anyhow). Is it possible you have a permissions problem preventing the shortcuts file from being written (this was what the most recent bug fix had to do with)? Or, is it possible MuseScore is crashing on exit and this is preventing the file from being written? I know some Mac users have seen this.

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I can't reproduce on Linux either, only on Mac. I don't think it's a permissions issue, since all other preferences persist properly, only shortcuts are missing. Unless shortcuts are saved somewhere different from everything else?

This seems like a bug in the shortcut XML generation / loading, since the export feature always saves an identical "shortcuts.xml" without any custom shortcuts. Strange that would only affect Mac.

I ran MuseScore through the terminal, but didn't see any errors when saving or loading shortcuts. I did notice a segfault each time I quit (see attached log), which may be related.

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Reported version 3.0 3.2

Just to report that on 3.0.2 AppImage on Xubuntu, and on 3.2.3 from the Arch repos, no changes get saved when I try to save the shortcuts to shortcuts.xml. shortcut.xml remains bit-identical after saving a new collection of shortcuts.

What may be of interest is that it used to work on the AppImage, and I don't think I've updated that. I made a lot of changes, saved it to a file, and that file has the changes. Any subsequent changes don't get exported, and it just keeps producing the same shortcuts.xml that I produced after the first batch of changes.

Hi there, same happens to me. Is there any way to fix this? I have got a new laptop which doesn't have all the keys, so after saving shortcuts and restarting the program, new shortcuts have reset to default. This is upsetting because I can't even slur.
Is there anything I can do to help solve this? Does everybody else's shortcut save?


Shortcut for slur is, and ever was, S, a key every (western) keyboard should have.
The inability to save modified shortcuts so far has been due to inapropriate permissions, which in turn were caused by a bogus way of installing an AppImage

Generally, inability to save settings means there is a permissions issue in your home folder. In a couple of cases though it could result from attempting to define a shortcut that is reserved by the OS. Which specific command were you trying to customizing the shortcut for, and which key were you trying to define? And what keyboard layout (eg, QWERTY, AZERTY, etc)

Testing with: OS: Arch Linux, Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit): 3.5.0, revision: 43c5553

I've just done a test, and it seems that saving and loading works to an extent now. Before saving, I have to click Apply otherwise the changes will not be written to the file. When loading, the changes are not shown until the dialog is exited and reopened. This is all true for changes that shouldn't be affected by OS-reserved shortcuts or keyboard layout, i.e. simply deleting one of the MuseScore default shortcuts. But, bearing that in mind, it seems I can now save shortcuts!

Also, if I try to reload the default keyboard layout, then Apply, MuseScore segfaults and dumps this core:…

Just tested 3.5.2 on macOS and exporting keyboard shortcuts (Save) and importing (Load...) to another mac works. Only when the shortcuts are imported (loaded), the changes are not shown until the dialog is exited and reopened, as @to7m above mentioned. That issue has brought me here (I thought the keyboard shortcuts are not being imported properly at all).

Title shortcuts not saving or loading This is happening to me as well.
Reported version 3.0 3.6

I want to change the keystrokes so that 1 is a whole note, 2 is a half note, 4 is a quarter note.
I realize that I first have to remove these numbers from frets, and then assign them to durations. I did that and it worked.

I saved shortcuts.xml.

I reloaded Musescore. All the keys had reverted to the defaults.
I Loaded shorcuts.xml. No change - I still don't have my keystrokes.
I examined shortcuts.xml in my Code editor. Musescore had saved out the default keystrokes instead of mine.

I edited shorcuts.xml in code to reflect my intensions. (Attached).
I loaded shorcuts.xml. No effect - I have to reassign the keys MANUALLY every single time I use Musescore.

Windows 10, fully updated system and Musescore.

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Title This is happening to me as well. shortcuts not saving or loading

(please don't change the issue title, it needs to be descriptive of the actual problem in order for us to track the issue better)

In general, saving shortcuts works just fine, but as discussed above, permissions problems or installations issues could occasionally prevent it from working. Please ask for help on the Support forum and include as much detail as you can so perhaps someone else with a similar specific configuration might be able to assist.

Also, you might want to clarify what you mean when you say you "saved shortcuts.xml". Normally you shouldn't do any explicit save at all, just make the change and be done with it, no explicit save required. The save button is only for creating extra copies of the specific sets of shortcuts to make it easier to switch between them, not for saving your basic customization.

People have been reporting on this thread that they can't save shortcuts for three years now, so I'm confident I'm posting in the right place.

As of right now, Musescore is using my customized keystrokes after I start it. I have no idea what changed, but I'll check back if I get stymied by it again.

Yes, indeed, there are a small number of people whose system configurations seem to create issues with shortcuts, but so far no one has managed to describe the specific conditions that lead to this highly unusual situation. In any case, this issue tracker is not a place where people with system administration experience can help you resolve problems with your configuration. The Support forum is, as I said, the much better place for that - easily 100 times as many people will see posts there, and many of those people have extensive system administration experience. There is nothing any of the developers here can do to help without precise steps to reproduce the problem. And those steps would need to include information on how to reproduce the specific configuration that leads to the issue, since it doesn't happen for most users - and apparently is no longer happening for you either?

I'm having this same issue with adding a shortcut for Add Roman Numeral Analysis. Setting it to CTRL + ALT + R works as long as Musescore is on. But as soon as I close and reopen Musescore, it's gone.

Weird, do other custom shortcuts get remembered? What about other changes to program preferences in the same Edit / Preferences dialog? Be sure to exit MuseScore immediately (or soon, anyhow) after making the change to be sure MuseScore doesn't crash somewhere in between. Also see if picking a different shortcut - one that doesn't use Alt - helps. Some operating systems treat Alt specially and that could conceivably get in the way.

Also, just to be sure - what OS, what version of MuseScore?

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Alright, I figured out what was going on, I didn't click OK after setting the shortcut before, because I couldn't see it(my screen defaults to 150% resolution, and at that resolution, I can't see the OK button on screens like Preferences or Time Signature Properties). So, this time around, I went to change the resolution of my computer screen to 125%, and then I could see the OK button, so I clicked it, and now the CTRL + ALT + R shortcut for Add Roman Numeral Analysis has been saved.

In cases like this, where the OS isn't communicating the true screen resolution correctly, you can override it a number of ways, depending on exactly what the OS is getting wrong. On Windows, it often works to find the ".exe" file for MuseScore, right-click it, Properties, Compatibility, and change the high DPI setting to System or "System (enhanced)". If you need further help, please ask on the Support forum and provide more system info, then someone familiar with that particular system may be able to assist further.

BTW, normally if you don't press OK, it won't even work during the current session. So if you were seeing it work during the current session but not after restart, there must have been something else going on then as well.