No playback or synthesizer options

• Feb 19, 2019 - 12:30

The other day I upgraded to Musescore 3.0.2 on a PC running Windows 10 and had no issues. Today I found my playback and MIDI options grayed as well as the "view - synthesizer" option. I've done a repair, I've uninstalled and reinstalled, and I still have the same issue. Can anyone help with this?


In reply to by Marc Sabatella

PortAudio is checked though API, Device, MIDI input/output are unselectable.
JACK Audio Server is unchecked.
I've hit restart audio and MIDI devices under Audio Engine and nothing has happened.

I've reinstalled MuseScore 2 and that works fine, but still have no sound in 3 whether 2 is installed or not.

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