Musescore 3.0.2 several problems.

• Feb 21, 2019 - 12:24

I have some problems with new 3.0 version.
1. Very long launch time. About one minute.
2. Several times the program crashed when switching to the "continuous mode". It was the same when the instrument was deleted.
3. Incorrectly set notes on the stave. I move the note sequentially using the down or up arrow key on the keyboard. The pictures shows the wrong display of notes. The notes jump over the lines and the stems or are placed incorrectly.


Does the Start Center launch on startup? If so, I can confirm that launch times are very long. Try to set the start center not to open on startup in the Edit menu => Preferences. Note that you have to restart MuseScore for this setting to take effect.

For #3 it looks like you inadvertently double clicked the notehead putting it into edit mode before you used the arrows to move them. As a result, only the head moved, not the whole note.

I've actually had the same problems. My musescore takes a long time to load. And 2 of my scores did not save. Could anyone help me with that.

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