Musescore app just disappeared...

• Feb 23, 2019 - 11:22

Could someone explain why my musescore app just disappeared from my taskbar? I still have a musescore2 folder, and I still have files in documents, but no application. It just disappeared just before I was about to click on it.


What version of MuseScore on what Operating System?
By chance MuseScore 2.3.2 from the Windows Store in Windows 10? If so it might just have been updated to MuseScore 3.0.2

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I have no idea what a "Musescore 2 set up wizard" is... do you mean musescore-2.3.2.msi? Then the answer is yes.

If you originally installed from that, it won't get taken away by anybody and would still be installed.

If however you installed MuseScore from the Windows Store, it might have been updated to MuseScore 3 just now. The store apparently can't hold 2 versions.

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Yes it is called musescore -2.3.2 msi.
I tried it and there is no change...there is no BLUE musescore in my taskbar. Instead when I open it with a file I get a different WHITE version. But I used to open it in the taskbar and it is gone

I don't know what windows store is. I think installed it from the musescore site

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OK, no Windows Store version then.
But why are you expecting a blue MuseSore icon then? That is the icon for MuseScore 3, the one for MuseScore 2 is white

Any you can add it (back) to the task bar, I guess you accidetially removed it from the task bar before.
Start it, then you see the icon in the task bar, right-click that and select 'pin to taskbar'.

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I ALWAYS had a blue icon. that's how I start the thing. I never removed it before. I SAW it just disappear.

This version is different. There is a different recent files!

The synthesizer settings are changed! All the soundfonts are gone

I have NO issue with you, Jojo. I appreciate your assistance, as always.


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You never paid for MuseScore, not for the MuseScore program on your Windows PC, has got nothing to do with this whatsoever, that is the score sharing platform and where you get the mobile apps.

The icon for MuseScore 2 is and ever was a white square showing a blue "mu" with a fermata, the one for MuseScore 3 is round and blue with that "mu"+fermata in white.

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Jojo - why on Earth would I lie?..I had a blue icon!

I just noticed in my "open with" there is MuseScore 3 , no longer Musescore 2.
I did not ask for MuseScore and why did it get here?

I want to finish up work on 2.3.2 first....and keep my settings and soundfonts. Is this unreasonable?
It is a simple question....where and why did the app go?

If you are stumped I understand...but someone must know.

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I can only repeat: the icon for MuseScore 2 is white and square, the icon for MuseScore 3 is blue and round.

I have no idea why your musescore icon vanished from the task bar or why it would have been blue but starting MuseScore 2. Nor were you got MuseScore 3 from, if you hadn't installed it yourself

However, just reinstalling MuseScore 2 should fix this and not lose any settings.

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I see...we both do not know why I had a blue one. Out of curiosity I'd like to know at some point.

You suggest I reload from that site you posted. To be clear, you say it will install with same settings and soundfonts?

I can only say that I wandered into musescore in September and think I remember installing from the musescore site...because I never heard of "windows store".
But it is possible...and would you say THAT is the reason this could have happened?

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If you had installed MuseScore from the Windows store that might explain why you had MuseScore 2 but now have MuseScore 3, and might also explain why you had a blue icon, since sometime in December.
The link to the Windows store is also on the MuseScore download page.
But if you do have a musescore-2.3.2.msi on your computer (in your downloads folder?) it is pretty likely you installed from that.

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No, it was always blue since september, but I do now recall an actually was active and working BEFORE the wizard (.msi) installed it. I found the wizard after using the app for two weeks in September. Likely has something to do with this. > < there I said "I downloaded from here". But something went wrong...

I'll reinstall. My frustration is with losing valuable work time...not with you....but you knew that...

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Before you start reinstalling, why don't you look on your computer for the program rather than on the taskbar for the icon. The program should be at C:\Program Files (x86)\MuseScore 2\bin. It will be called musescore.exe. If it's there, you can right click the program and create a shortcut, then drag the shortcut to your taskbar. You can then right click the shorcut and select "Pin to task bar" and it will be as though the program was always there.

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Okay I have the program...the WHITE square (As Jojo points out) in the taskbar version.

The only reason I will reinstall is if the unlikely scenario that my synthesizer settings and soundfonts return (which I doubt).

If not, I guess I'll have to reinstall the fonts. What say you?

Could I then uninstall ver3 until a later version 3.x? I don't want any more surprises.

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Notice this path starts C:\Program Files rather than C:\Program Files (x86). But if you didn't use the installer, I don't know where the program will be. You can open the file explorer to your C drive and type musescore3 in the search box at the top right and it will find the program for you.

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The installer (wizard?) can be deleted once the program is installed. To this extent they are unrelated. If you don't need version 3, then you can wait until you are ready to use version 3 before installing it again. You probably have a beta version installed anyway and that would explain why you don't find musescore3.exe on your computer.

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I think we cross talked and then I had to leave. I do not understand why or how I got a 32 bit from "Windows Store" as Jojo has pointed out. I had no control over it.I'm afraid I don't know what all this means...and that is what is frustrating.

Did I read somewhere that there is no 64 bit version ready?

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MuseScore 3 is avaibable as a 64bit and as a 32bit version. In the Windows Store there only is a 32bit version as that runs on 32bit and 64bit Windows 10.
MuseScore 2 was only available as a 32bit version, except fot an unsupported 64bit version contributed by a MuseScore user.

I believe you installed MuseScore 2 from the Windows store, and back in September got MuseScore 2.3.2. It might have had that blue icon back then already, not sure. Today that got updated via the store to MuseScore 3.0.2, which is available since a few days only, at least the version information strongly indicates that it indeed ist the Windows Store version. And indeed this is what the Windoes Store is about, it does take care of updates for you automatically.
So that's got to be the explanation why it vanished from yout task bar and opeing a score started MuseScore 3.

Then, today you installed the 2.3.2 from that .msi files, so now you have both.

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Once you run the program, everything should be back to where it was before. Your soundfonts and shortcuts should be back to the same as they were before. If not, then you need to point the directories for these things in the preferences back to where they belong.

As for version 3, there's no reason to delete it. It won't do anything unless you run it. You may decide you want to listed to a score created in version 3 from .com and you will need version 3 for that.

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Yes...I'll keep it to listen to scores. Good. I do plan to use it when I finish with 2.3.2 scores.

I re - "ADDed" fonts to synth. okay.

I guess when I first installed, with so much junk on the screen, I may have clicked the store after listening to the demo. Not sure what I clicked, but according to jojo it seems I may have inadvertantly got 2.3.2 from windows store. But it always had a BLUE square icon.

Muse 3 icon is blue and SQUARE in taskbar, too, but there is no folder for ver 3 in program files.

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