Browsing menu items doesn't work (Alt + arrow keys)

• Sep 22, 2009 - 08:01
Graphical (UI)
S4 - Minor

Reported via the contact form:

I'm a CHinese blind musician. I use LilyPond to write music. But Lily can't export musicxml. I'd like to use Musescore as an intermediate station.But the menus are not available for keyboard operation. When I press alt key, no menu items are heard. I can only use control+O to open files. Also, most of my Lilypond scores get crashed. I'd like to send some to you, but is it possible to solve the accessibility issue?

A QT setting somewhere perhaps?


Lilypond import is not available. It has been removed from latest release.

Regarding keyboard operation of menu, on WIndows:
Alt + F goes to File.
Then Alt + Arrow goes to previous or next menu item.

Unfortunatly I can't test with a screen reader.

Steps the reproduce the problem on Windows Vista:

- start musescore
- press Alt to activate the menu
Now I can't use the arrow keys to move through the menu items & childs. With other windows programs this is possible. So in case you don't know that Alt-F is available and don't use the mouse, there is no way of finding out what menu items there are. Hope that makes it clear.

I just tested using NVDA 0.6p3.2 on Windows XP. It looks like version 0.9.5 is accessible to screenreaders. If I press Alt then NVDA says "File Alt+F". If you press Alt+F and browse through the menu items then it reads each of them correctly.

Versions 0.9.4 and earlier are not accessible. If I press Alt then all that NVDA says is "Pane pane". I would encourage the user to upgrade to the latest version of MuseScore.

Status (old) active fixed

If you are in text edit mode then Alt then arrow keys works like most other applications. If you are not in text edit mode then you have to hold Alt+arrow key to move across the menus.

(Tested using r. 2311 nightly built, Windows XP)

True, if you are using a direct shortcut. But just pressing Alt first should activate the menu like it does for most Windows based software, after which you can browse through the menu using the arrow keys. Somehow MuseScore doesn't do this. I guess something to do with Qt.