Change 8th note run into a 16th note run

• Mar 30, 2019 - 05:48

Within a composition, I have some long 8th note runs that I would like to change to 16th note runs, resulting in half the number of measures for those sections (without changing the timings and durations in other portions of the piece). If I just select the note durations, I get a 16th rest between each note, which is arduous to edit out.

I would not mind copying sections over to a new staff (or temporarily past the end of the piece), but how do I easily compress out the 16th rests?


There is/was a plugin useful for this, "Half Time"
But it is currently unvalaible (not upgraded yet for the version 3)
That being said, in this specific use case (i. e. for two measures), it is likely that it will go as fast if not more by re-entering these measures manually with 16ths.

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I did do it manually just to show a couple of measures.
But if the feature were available in MuseScore, I would use it all over the place.
Part of my composition style is to play something on an instrument,
then enter it into MuseScore, only to discover (when I play it back), that the timing that I wrote is not what I played or heard in my head. Or, on playing it back, I decide that I would like to tweak the phrasings and the rhythms.
I guess that this needs to be posted in the section on enhancement requests.

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There is an undocumented keystroke that removes the current note or rest from the measure: < ctrl>< del>.
It shortens the actual duration of the measure by the duration of the removed note.

It only works for a single-staff system. It is a left-over from a MuseScore 2 nightly.
It's converse function < ctrl>< click> to insert a note into a measure no longer works.

Perhaps these functions could be resurrected and debugged.

They still do not accomplish a half-time or double-time. but they are one step closer to within-measure editing.

The remove-note function can be used to eliminate the rests that are inserted between notes when the note durations are reduced.


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