Auto-Placement is making bad choices

• Apr 6, 2019 - 22:04
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1) Create a grand staff
2) Place chords on the bass clef
3) Add Chord Symbols to those chords
4) Symbols are placed between the staves, not above the grand staff, as is the universal standard.

I have to disable auto-placement to put them were they belong.

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Status active by design

Chord symbols are placedabove the stafd rhey get applies to. If you want them abobe treble clef staff, apply them to that rarher than the bass clef staff

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Thanks for the reply.

The problem, however, as I indicated, is that the chords are on the bass clef; there are no notes on the treble clef, at least at this point. But chord symbols ALWAYS belong at the top of the grand staff. They never go between staves.

The only workaround I can think of is to break out the RESTS on the treble clef to match the notes on the bass clef, attach the chords to those rests, and then make sure all cut and paste operations (which are many and have to work right) select the entire grand staff to make sure chord symbols are included in the cut/paste operations. See attached.

But this is a kludge, because the right hand isn't doing anything, and it would be cleaner and more correct to show whole rests on the treble clef.

I realize this is a more challenging software algorithm. But can we at least start by agreeing that this what I'm requesting is the behavior that is desired?

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Attached is another example of how auto-placement is causing grief.

It places the Chord Symbols between the staves, as you can see, and which I already mentioned. So I decided to let auto-placement be free to make its own choices, and this time I left the chords untouched. But then all the triplet brackets (and the corresponding "3") were drawn on top of the chord symbols, also between the staves. I had to flip them all "up" to get the result that you see in my attached screen shot.

Screenshot 2019-04-19 16.57.19.png

What's the point of auto-placement if it's not even going to notice that some things are written on top of other things?

I'd love to save time and effort and benefit from a professional appearance by letting MS take over the placement of items. And most of the time, it handles things quite nicely. But I know that MS 3 had a substantial overhaul to Auto-Placement and that it's getting a lot of development attention, so it seems relevant to point out ways where it clearly appears to not be functioning properly.

Make sense?